12 Ways to Get Real Instagram Followers In 2021

Who does not want to increase Instagram followers (Social Media Platform), but it is not so easy, to be honest, it is easier to increase Subscribers on YouTube than Instagram followers!

By the way, I do not use Instagram personally because I didn’t get little time to use the Social Media Platforms. I have not used the trick that I am going to talk about, but I have many friends who have used this trick and have got excellent results, so I have brought 12 such tips for you to Get Real Instagram Followers.

12 Ways to Get Real Instagram Followers

1. Use Hashtag (less than 20-24)

Use Hashtag
Use Hashtags

Many people who use Instagram made this mistake. They always use 30 hashtags which will not be right. Instagram has set limits to 30. It is unnecessary to use all 30. I think you should only use 20-24 hashtags. If you used 30 hashtags in your Instagram posts, then you should reduce all of them now.

2. Publish Stories

We all know that nowadays, Facebook, WhatsApp, and even YouTube also have options to publish a story, in the same way, Instagram has also started giving you this feature, so start using it too for your own benefit. Just as you see a story on your WhatsApp (Called Status) every day, you can also publish your story in your Instagram account daily.

3. Use the Live Feature (On Social Media Platforms)

Use the Live Feature
Use the Live Feature

Live feature is a golden key through which you can attract the followers of your social media platform (include all kinds of Social Media Platforms).

There are many benefits of going live, this feature can help you make your relation friendly with your followers and you get new followers often. If you want to increase your Instagram followers rapidly, then use this live feature.

4. Convert Your Account To Business Or Creator

Do not forget to convert your account into Business or Creator, most people are not taking this step seriously, but they should. So you do not have to make this mistake like other people. After creating your Instagram account, your first step should be to convert your account into Business or Creator.

If you have a business that you want to promote online, then you have to convert to the business if you are a professional in any field then you should convert to a creator.

5. SEO Optimization of Bio

Now your next step is to optimize your Bio. if you believe, Instagram also recommends SEO. With the help of SEO, you can easily grow Instagram. By the way, you do not have to do Advanced level SEO as we do on the website, but you definitely have to perform a beginner-level level SEO.

6. Publish Good Quality Posts

To originally grow Instagram followers, you need to post high-quality posts. Many times when we upload low-quality posts, you must have seen that those posts do not have the option of ‘Promote Now’ which is not helpful for your Instagram account.

7. Use YouTube As a Free Advertiser

Now I will show you my method, with the help of which you can increase your Instagram followers organically, but it will take time to work and for this, you need the knowledge of SEO. In the end, you will get real Instagram followers.

Start your YouTube channel, after 2-3 months you will start getting views and subscribers. Make your relation friendly with your subscribers. Tell them to follow you on Instagram. By doing this, you can grow Instagram along with your YouTube channel. It’s an arduous task at all but believes me, every subscriber you get is valuable for you.

8. Stay away from Fake Instagram Followers

If you really want to increase Instagram Followers and want to see yourself becoming a Professional Instagram Influencer, then never make this silly mistake. Fake Followers never work in the growth of your Instagram, but they push you back. Fake Followers are neither more active nor do they react to your posts. If you have such followers, then “Block” them from your Instagram account immediately. Never buy fake Instagram followers.

9. Promote your Instagram Account

In today’s time, if you want to speed up your growth, you can also use Advertising means Promotion. I am talking about Instagram Ads. Instagram’s ads are quite costly. If I say in Indian rupees, then you may have to pay from ₹ 36.39 to ₹ 146 Per Click. Talking about the categories of Ads, here options like Stories Ads, Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Collection Ads, Ads In Explore are available. Use them to increase your Instagram reach.

10. Embed Instagram Posts to your blog

Whether your blog is on Blogger or on WordPress, you can embed your Instagram posts on both. With this, you can be able to interact with Blogger or WordPress visitors to your Instagram account. This causes a lot of flutter on your Conversion Potential. Chances of increasing your follower are also increased by using this method.

11. Collaborate with Influencers

Contact those Instagram users who post similar content like you. This will lead to many changes that their followers started following you as well. This is a very easy way to gain real Instagram followers, but for this, you have to convince those Influencers whose followers are higher than you, which is a bit difficult.

12. Scheduled Your Post

You will find many websites where you can schedule your Instagram posts. I would advise you to use later, with the help of this website, scheduling your posts is quite easy. and simple The biggest benefit of scheduling your post is you don’t have to stick in your Instagram account every time.

Things you should know before using Instagram Account

How to Increase Instagram Like?

How to Increase Instagram Like
How to Increase Instagram Like?

Use Relevant Keywords and Hashtags. Embed Instagram posts in your blog. If possible, also use Instagram’s Advertising Platform. This is the only way to bring Real like to Instagram. If you want to bring Fake Likes, then you can also do things like “Like For Like”, but in today’s time it is not that much work.

Instagram Limits (Must Read)

In Instagram, you get to see a lot of limitation, all these limitations should know an Instagram Influencer and a Serious Instagram User.

What is the Instagram Caption Character Limit?

The Caption Character Limit is 2,200 Characters. If we look at it in Word, it would be 400 Words. It does not matter much whether Caption is Short or Long, if you are able to understand your post to your audience in short character, then that Short Post will also work well for you. But if you are writing a Long Form Instagram Post, then you should take a look at the tips given below.

Tips for long-form Instagram posts

  1. No matter how big you write your content, but do not let it go beyond 400 words. Break your content into short paragraphs or points.
  2. If your post is 400 words, then you will have to use at least 4 images. An image on Per 100 words.
  3. For hashtags use keywords that belong to your content. This allows your Post to reach those who really looking for them.
  4. If you want to target your post at one specific location, then you must use Geotag.
  5. If you create an Instagram post for a website’s blog post, then you must insert the URL of your blog post over there by which people can search for those posts and read your post. Never post a direct URL, use Bitly or any other link shortener and make your URL short.

What are the Instagram Hashtags के Limits?

Use of hashtags is very important, because with this, Instagram can categorize your posts.

You get to use 30 Hashtags but you should use 20 hashtags only. I use only 5-6 Hashtags. Use only those keywords in your hashtags that can identify your content.

It is not necessary that you use the same hashtags every time, if you want, you can create unique hashtags by yourself.

How much is Instagram Bio Limit?

In Instagram Bio, you can write 150 characters, along with that you can also use Emoji, Website or Blog Link, and Hashtags.

Tag Limits on Instagram

You can only tag 20 people on a post, you cannot tag more people than that.

Likes Limit on Instagram

Do you know, in Instagram you can like the post only 350 times every hour.

Per Post Photo Limit in Instagram

You can use only 10 images in Per Post. You cannot use more image than this.

How many times can you follow / unfollow in an hour?

You can follow or unfollow 160 people in an hour. This is a Fixed Amount set by Instagram.

Instagram Live Time Limit?

You can go live on Instagram for an hour continuously. If you Exceed this limit, then your Live Video will automatically end.

Instagram Post Limit Per Day?

You can do 100 posts every day, if you want to do so many posts every day, then you can use platforms like Scheduled My Instagram Posts.

Instagram Account Image Policy Violation

  1. You cannot upload Nudity or Vulgar Images to Instagram.
  2. You cannot spread Terrorism, or Hate, through your post. By doing this you can be banned from Instagram.

All this information is collected by me from socialprchat. If you want, you can also read this article written by them.


These were 12 such tips by using which you can grow the followers of your Instagram very easily. If you want more posts on any other topic, then let me know in the comment section. Thank you for reading this post. I hope you liked my post on “12 Ways to Get Real Instagram Followers”.

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