How to Add a Custom Theme in Blogger?

If your blog or website is on Blogger and you want to add a custom theme to it, then you are at the right place. In this post, I will show you how you can install the custom theme in your Blogger. But before that, you should know-

Why it is so important to use the Custom Blogger Theme?

Why we should not use Blogger’s Classical Themes on our blog?

Here I am going to talk about top 8 reason why you should not choose Blogger’s Classical Themes

1. Blogger Themes Are Not Attractive

Do you want to make your blog attractive and want your visitors to have some wonderful experience of visiting your site, then you should use the Custom Themes. This will improve your Visitor’s user experience. As we all know that human Eyes are fond of Beauty and Attractiveness so paying more attention to your theme can increase your per monthly visitors too. This is not an enormous task to find a custom theme for a blogger. Use Google to find Blogger Custom Themes.

2. Custom Blogger Themes are Ads Friendly

If your goal is to earn money from your blog or website, then you have to use custom themes because Custom Themes are AdSense Friendly.

When your AdSense account gets approved by Google, You need a pro theme that supports AdSense and has Ad Spaces for Ad Codes. They make custom Themes for this reason as well. Not only this, if you send your website for AdSense Approval without applying Custom Themes, then there is a 99.99% chance that you will not get AdSense Approval.

3. Custom Theme Built A Strong User Trust

All Blogger Classical Themes are very similar to each other, old and simple looking. We already know Blogging becomes a Professional Field, if you want to become a blogger by presenting your content in a simple Blogger Classical theme then it’s quite hard for you to gain the trust of your visitors. To win the trust, install an Attractive and Unique Custom Theme that makes your website or blog look professional.

4. Navigation Bar

In any Classical Blogger Themes, you do not get Navigation Bar at the top, which is the biggest Disadvantage of pre-installed blogger themes. It is very important to have a Top Navigation Bar for AdSense Approval and for your Audience, so if you want to earn money from your blog or website and want your visitor to come back to your site, then you must use a Custom Theme.

5. Effect On SEO Practice

Have you ever seen a blogger site ranking on Google with Classical Blogger Theme, I have never seen it. I have seen only those websites of the blogger being ranked which use the Custom Themes. This means Theme also plays a very important role in Ranking Factors and SEO.

6. Social Media Buttons In Custom Blogger Theme

The special thing about the Custom Themes is that they have come up with lots of extra Features Social Media Buttons is one of them. In every Custom Theme, you will get Social Buttons like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter Pinterest. Social

Many times the user likes your post very much and wants to share it on different social media platforms. In such a situation social media buttons work well. The Visitor can share your posts on different social media platforms by using these social media buttons.

7. Error 404

Error 404 comes when the URL of a post has been changed or removed from your website, When Visitor hits that URL it shows “404 Error”. To avoid this on Blogger, Many Blogger uses Custom Theme because after that when someone comes to that page, under 404, the option of “Back To Home” comes it will redirect the user to your home page by clicking on it. You never get this feature in Blogger’s Classical theme.

8. Custom Blogger Themes are Fast Loading

Yes, the custom themes are fast loading in compared to the Blogger’s Classical themes. As we all know that the website’s loading speed should also be good for ranking on Google. Therefore, it is necessary to use the custom theme in blogger.

5 Easy Steps to Add Custom Blogger Theme

Your Free Blogger Theme
Your Free Blogger Theme

Step 1: — Go to your Blogger Dashboard, then click on “Theme”. Then click on “Drop-Down Arrow”.

Go To Theme and Click On Drop Down Button
Go To Theme and Click On Drop-Down Arrow

Step 2: — A pop-up will be open, click on “Backup”. This is a very important step because in this step you take a backup of the Theme or Template installed in your current time, which can be useful for you in the future.

Backup Your Current Theme
Backup Your Current Theme
Backup Process Completed
Backup Process Completed

Step 3: — Now we will understand how to install our Custom Theme on blogger. To install the Custom Theme, click on the option of “Restore”. As soon as you click on the option of “Restore”, there will be a “pop-up” Open in which you have to click on the option of “Upload”.

Install Your Custom Theme
Install Your Custom Theme
Click On Upload
Click On Upload

Step 4: — After clicking on “Upload”, you will reach the “My Computer” of your device, select the file containing your Custom theme from there. The file you have downloaded may be in a Zip file, so first, unzip it. After opening your file, select the file with “.XML” Extension.

Select Your File
Choose XML File
Choose XML File

Step 5: — After selecting “Open” that file. It will activate your Custom Theme on your website.

Now you can check your blogger’s website, a new custom theme has been activated on your website.

MagOne Theme $21 For Free

MagOne is a blogger theme that you get for $21 but you can get it for free on my website. For this, download this theme from the link given below.

You must wonder why someone would give a $21 Premium Theme for free will have in mind that is this a Nulled Theme? So let me tell you that this theme is not nulled. I have purchased this theme and have prepared it for you by editing its footer code.

I hope you enjoy this post of mine. If you have questions, then you must tell me in the Comment box.

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