6 Greatest Monster Anime Like Kaiju No. 8 [Update 2022]

Kaiju No. 8 is now about to air and some of you might already look for anime like Kaiju No.8. In This post we are going to share the list of the 6 most popular anime like Kaiju No. 8 or Monster #8.

This anime feature a Grotesque (a monster similar to Godzilla) also known as “kaijuu”. These kaiju (monsters) often show up around Japan. Defense Corps is an elite group of the military whose main goal is to eliminate these beasts by risking their life. Kaijuu Cleaner Corporation consists of Sweepers who dispose of the dead body of Kaijuu.

This anime follows the story of 32 years old man Kafka Hibino. Who works as a Sweepers in Kaijuu Cleaner Corporation. When Hibino was young he use to have a dream to join Defence Corps and fight against Hibino. But he failed many times so he gave up on his dream.

His dream is again revived when 18 years old Reno Ichikawa joins the Cleaner Corporation which also has a dream to join Defence Corps. Things totally changed for Hibino when the Kaijuu entered his body that allowing him to transform into a humanoid monster.

Anime Like Kaiju No. 8

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6. World Trigger

World Trigger

In World Trigger and Kaiju No.8 both the protagonists are working for an organization that deals with aliens and fight against deadly monsters. Both anime are sharing the same environment and same power mechanism. Both are based on modern Japanese society.

Characters wear suit or costume that helps amplification of their power levels and abilities. At first, the protagonist appears unconfident and unworthy but slowly makes progress and fights against evil.

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5. Bleach


Both of these anime are having similar art styles. The main character’s transformation is also very similar to Kaiju No. 8. In other ways they are similar to each other. Bleach anime follows the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, who is a high school student.

He was living his life like an ordinary guy until his family was attacked by a corrupt spirit. He met Rukia Kuchiki who was a soul reaper protecting the Ichigo family from that corrupt spirit. Unfortunately, she gets badly injured, in order to save his family, Ichigo accepts the offer of Rukia to become a soul reaper.

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4. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

This anime has similar monsters to Kaiju No. 8 anime. Overpower protagonists and engaging story. A gate that established the connection between the real world and the monster world appeared 10 years ago. In order to fight against the deadly monsters and beasts, humans receive supernatural abilities known as the name of “hunters”.

This anime follows the story of Sung Jin-Woo who is one of the hunters. In comparison to other hunters, he is the weakest among all. Still, he hunts down the monsters at low-rank gates so that he can pay for her mother’s medicians.

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3. Gantz

Anime Like Kaiju No. 8, Gantz

Many people say that Gantz is nothing but the Seinen version of Kaiju No. 8 which is partially true I guess. Alien or monster technology is used in both of these anime in the form of a suit or costume that gives humans great power and supernatural ability.

Characters deal with overpowered monsters and beasts who are large-scale threats to human beings. Protagonists from both anime don’t want anyone to know about his true secret power. The story is also identical.

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2. Jujutsu Kaisen

Anime Like Kaiju No. 8, Jujutsu Kaisen

Protagonists from both anime tragically end up being non-human entities whether it is monsters or demons. This anime follows the story of Yuuji Itadori whose life was totally changed after eating a legendary Sukuna Ryoumen’s finger (curse object).

This anime also revolves around demons and monsters. Sorcerers, those who have great powers fight against these monsters and protect innocent people. The story of this anime is also identical and the characters from this anime also have suit codes.

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1. Black Clover

Anime Like Kaiju No. 8, Black Clover

This anime provides all the things that we have seen in Kaiju No. 8. Having very fast-pacing action scenes, an engaging storyline, and the last most likable characters. I personally refer you to watch this anime if you are already watched Kaiju No. 8 and visa-versa.

The only major difference is that Kaiju No, 8’s power mechanism is based on monster technology, on the other hand, Black Clover shows a world where magical power and ability exist.

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So guys here we are going to end our list on “Anime Like Kaiju No. 8”. If you have any suggestions regarding this list let me know in the comment section.

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