Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone: Explore a New Reality

The technology known as augmented reality (AR) brings virtual objects into the physical environment. You can use applications on your iPhone to simulate 3D objects or useful information in front of you. It’s like bringing a virtual world into the real world using your phone.

This article will introduce you to the best 10 augmented reality apps for iPhone. We’ll discuss their features, what they can do, and how they enhance our everyday experiences.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is when we mix virtual things with the real world to make it more interesting. It’s like adding extra stuff to what we see around us. We can do this using special technology in our phones or other devices.

This technology uses cameras and sensors to understand our surroundings. Then, it adds computer-generated things like pictures, videos, or animations on top of what we see. It’s like having a magic lens that shows us a mix of real things and digital things together.

augmented reality apps for iPhone

Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone

Now, let’s explore the top 10 augmented reality apps available for iPhone:

10. Night Sky

Night Sky Augmented Reality apps for iphone

Night Sky is an astronomy app that supports augmented reality to bring the wonders of the night sky to your iPhone. When you point your phone at the sky, the app uses its sensors to detect your location and orientation. It provides detailed information, educational content, and even audio tours to enhance your observation experience.

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9. Magicplan

Magicplan augmented reality apps for iPhone

Magicplan is an app that simplifies creating floor plans and measurements for your home using augmented reality. By walking around with your iPhone, the app automatically measures and maps your space, generating accurate floor plans, room dimensions, and even 3D models.

It’s a useful tool for architects, interior designers, or homeowners planning renovations or furniture layouts. Magicplan saves time and effort by providing virtual measurements and visualizations, eliminating the need for manual measurements and sketching.

8. GIPHY World

GIPHY augmented reality apps for iphone

GIPHY World brings the fun and creativity of GIFs into the real world through augmented reality. With the app, you can place and interact with 3D GIFs and animated characters in your surroundings.

GIPHY World adds a playful and imaginative element to your surroundings, allowing you to mix digital content with the real world in a unique and entertaining way.

7. Houzz

Houzz augmented apps for iphone

Houzz is an app that uses augmented reality to assist with home design and renovation. It allows you to virtually place furniture, lighting, and other home décor items in your space to visualize how they would look.

You can explore an extensive product catalog, browse different styles, and experiment with various designs without physically moving or purchasing items. Houzz’s augmented reality feature helps you make informed decisions, plan layouts, and bring your vision to life, saving time and effort in the home design process.

6. AR MeasureKit

AR MeasureKit

AR MeasureKit turns your iPhone into a virtual measuring tool using augmented reality technology. The app makes it easy to measure things using your phone’s camera. You can measure how far away something is, like the distance between two points. You can also measure angles, like how open or closed they are.

It’s helpful for various purposes, such as measuring furniture dimensions, checking room sizes, or creating floor plans. AR MeasureKit provides accurate measurements in real time, eliminating the need for physical measuring tools and simplifying measurement tasks with a portable and intuitive solution.

5. Snapchat’s Lens Studio

Lens Studio allows users to create their own augmented reality filters and effects within the Snapchat app. It provides a platform for artists, developers, and creators to design unique and interactive AR experiences.

With Lens Studio, you can develop personalized lenses and effects, share them with others, or even submit them for consideration in Snapchat’s official lens collection. It fosters creativity and encourages users to contribute to the ever-expanding world of augmented reality on Snapchat.

4. Google Translate

Google Translate

By pointing your iPhone’s camera at signs, menus, or written text, the app recognizes the text and overlays translated versions on your screen. It supports multiple languages, making it useful for travelers, language learners, or anyone encountering unfamiliar text.

Augmented reality simplifies understanding and communicating in different languages, making it a valuable tool for international interactions.

3. Snapchat


Snapchat is a popular social media app known for its creative filters and effects With augmented reality, Snapchat offers an array of interactive lenses and filters that overlay animations, masks, and special effects on your photos and videos.

You can transform your face into various characters, add digital objects to your surroundings, or even play games using AR. It’s a fun and playful way to enhance your visual content and engage with friends and followers.

2. IKEA Place

IKEA Place

With IKEA Place, you can virtually place IKEA furniture in your home before making a purchase. Using augmented reality, the app accurately scales and positions virtual furniture in your space, allowing you to see how it fits and looks.

You can browse through IKEA’s extensive catalog, choose items, and visualize them in different rooms. It helps you make informed decisions about furniture and interior design with no physical measurements or guesswork.

1. Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO is a super famous game that combines virtual elements with the real world. In the game, you use your phone’s camera to find and catch virtual creatures called Pokémon.

It’s an interactive and immersive experience that encourages outdoor activity and social interaction as you compete with friends, joins teams, and battle in Pokémon Gyms.

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Benefits of Augmented Reality Apps

Enhanced User Experience: As we all know, Augmented reality apps offer a captivating blend of virtual and real-world experiences. They let users interact with virtual objects, discover information in engaging ways, and unleash their creativity and entertainment.

Education and Learning: Augmented reality apps have revolutionized education by bringing subjects to life and making learning more interactive and enjoyable. Students can explore 3D models, dissect virtual objects, and engage in immersive educational experiences that enhance their understanding and retention of information.

Visualization and Design: Augmented reality apps enable architects, interior designers, and artists to visualize and present their ideas realistically. Users can overlay virtual furniture, decorations, or architectural models onto real spaces, allowing them to make informed decisions and visualize the result before implementation.

Gaming and Entertainment: With AR games, users can battle virtual creatures in their own living rooms or explore virtual worlds overlaid with real environments. These apps provide an exciting and interactive gaming experience that merges fantasy with reality.

Navigation and Wayfinding: Augmented reality apps can revolutionize navigation by overlaying directions and information onto real-time camera views. Users can follow virtual arrows or see points of interest in their surroundings, making navigation easier and more intuitive.

Virtual Try-On: Augmented reality apps enable users to try on virtual clothing, accessories, or cosmetics before making a purchase. This technology enhances the online shopping experience, allowing users to see how products would look on them without physically trying them on.


From education to gaming, design to navigation, these apps offer unique benefits and experiences. The future of augmented reality apps on iPhone is brimming with potential and endless possibilities, thanks to technological advancements and creative developers.


1. Can I use augmented reality apps on any iPhone model?

Most augmented reality apps are compatible with newer iPhone models that have advanced cameras and processors.

2. Are augmented reality apps safe to use?

Yes, augmented reality apps are safe to use on iPhones.

3. Do I need an internet connection to use augmented reality apps?

While some augmented reality apps may require an internet connection to access additional content or features, many apps offer offline functionality as well. It’s advisable to check the app’s requirements and features to understand its internet dependency.

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