Top 10 Anime Like Battle Game In 5 Seconds!

Battle Game In 5 Seconds (Japanese name Deatte 5-you de Battle) is anime series. The main genre of this anime series is action, superpower, and supernatural. This anime is generally based on a game that costs your life if you lose.

In this post, we are going to talk about “10 Must-Watch Anime Like Battle Game In 5 Seconds“. This list includes some of the chosen anime lists from My AnimeList and Anime-Planet.

All these anime are based on the game, a game in which if you lose, you may lose your life as well. Some of the anime in this list are very popular, and you might have seen them already, but some of them are new and worth watching.

Without further delay, let’s start our lists on Similar Anime Like Battle Game In 5 Seconds.

10 Anime Like Battle Game In 5 Seconds

We are providing you with all the information about each of these anime, which helps you understand more about its Storyline, Episodes, and Rating. You can make your mind after reading this list whether you need to watch this anime or not.




Same as Battle Game In 5 Seconds, this anime includes kidnapping scenes (Episode 1-2). People have been forced to take part in the game, which may cost his/her life. However, In Btooom you get bombs and weapons instead of powerful abilities.


Ryouta is 22 years old boy who is unemployed. He was passing the majority of his time by playing a popular Online Game called Btooom. Sooner, Ryouta did get the title of #1 player of Japan.

Unfortunately, things get worse than ever when he and other top players have fallen on an Island and are forced to play the game Btooom (For Real). The one who will manage to kill 7 players, will win the game save his/her life as well.

Bus Gamer

Bus Gamer


A game where players take risks of his/her life.


Toki, Kazuo, and Nobu are the main protagonists of the Bus Gamer anime series. The corporate world organized a series of games called Bus Games.

Participants are invited by mail and letters. During the gameplay, participants get three chances to capture the Disk (which contains the secret of the corporate world).

Those who win the game reward by cash price. Toki, Kazuo and Nobu participate in the Bus Game make a team named “No Name”. They want to win the 3 billion yen (1 billion yen for each team member).

They have their personal reasons and issues to win the cash. Anime also shows the dark and disturbing pasts of our main protagonists.

Danganronpa Series



Players are sent to a different place to play the deadly game. Players have to kill each other to win the game and go back home. A director who manages and monitors all the activities of players.


Hope’s Peak Academy is a highly reputed School they only admission very talented students. Those who are recruited get a unique name or you can say a “Title”. Our main protagonist is an ordinary student named Makoto Naegi, who by luck get admission to that elite Hope’s Peak Academy.

Things turned bad when the Principle of that academy captured them inside the school and ordered them to eliminate each other. They had to kill each other in such a way that the person who died does not know who killed him. The one who survives till the end will be the winner of this game.

Date A Bullet: Dead Or Bullet


Both of these series are based on a game where protagonists have to win the game to go back home alive.


Hibiki Higoromo (Empty) has an amnesiac. She is opening her eyes to another world where she fights against Kurumi Tokisaki.

Sooner, Kurumi makes her mind to help Empty to find and defect a mysterious girl. She guides Empty to a school where a grand battle is about to begin.

It is a movie with a running time of 24 minutes so you must watch this.

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Alice In Borderland (Imawa no Kuni no Alice)

alice in borderland


A Protagonist is forced to play life-threatening games to survive.


This anime follows the story of three friends. When they wake up, they find themselves in another world or alternate world. At first, they thought it’s just a dream, and all they have to do is wake up from this dream.

Sadly, their perceptions were proven completely wrong. It does not take much time to realize that all these things are true. To survive longer in this mysterious world, they will have to play deadly games, which sometimes can cost humans life.

Darwin’s Game

Darwin's Game


The main Protagonist is trapped in a game where he has to risk his life to win the game. This game has organized by an unknown and mysterious organization.


A high school student named Kaname Sudou gets an invitation from one of his classmates to play Darwin’s Game. It is a game that can be played on a smartphone.

As he starts his first fight, the enemy appears in front of him holding a knife. Sudou wonder because he wasn’t expecting that. He thought it’s just an ordinary game like others.

Unfortunately, it was not. Now Sudou has to fight against his opponent to survive in the living world.

No Game No Life

No Game No Life


The protagonist is brilliant at playing the game, has a sharp mind, and is good at making strategies similar to Shiroyanagi, Akira (protagonists of Battle Game In 5 Seconds)


The story of this anime revolves around two siblings named Sora and Shiro. They both are geniuses in playing every kind of game. It is not wrong to say that they are the world’s most talented gamers in this anime.

A mysterious man organized a game, those who win will be sent to another world. Sora and Shiro won the game. As the mysterious man said, they were both sent to another world where every decision, conflict, and borderline issue were solved by playing games.

This anime follows the adventure of Sora and Shiro.

Hunter X Hunter (The Hunter Exam Arc)

Hunter x Hunter


Player risks their life for game players have to play 1v1 and mini-games to survive longer.


It is the first arc of the Hunter X Hunter series where Gon begins his journey to pass the hunter exam. On this journey, he does meet Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua. Later they four become best friends.

Many major characters like Hisoka, Illumi, and Netero are introduced in this arc.




Players have supernatural powers given by an unknown entity. Both anime is based on survivors where players have to fight or die.


Shuuichi Kagaya is a high school student who has the power to transform into a monster. He hides this secret from everyone. He doesn’t even know how and why it happens all the time.

Later at night, he found a girl trapped in a burning building. He transformed into a monster and saved that girl named Claire Aoki.

All of a sudden he dropped his phone at the place of the accident. After a day, Claire (the girl saved by Shuuichi) found him and claims that he was the monster who saved her last night.

Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland


A boy is sent into a completely crazy place where he has to win against his opponent to survive.


Ganta Igarashi and his other classmates planned to visit Deadman Wonderland Amusement Park, where prisoners perform deadly acts to entertain the audience.

His life was changed at that moment when a mysterious and unknown man in red killed all of his classmates.

Ganta was sent to prison. Unfortunately, he was framed for that incident and sentenced to death. Now the real tragedy begins where ganta has to win the fight against his opponent.


Where to watch Battle Game In 5 Seconds?

Muse Asia is uploading its episodes. All you need is just to visit the Muse Asia YouTube channel. It is the legal way to watch this anime.

Is Battle Game In 5 Seconds worth watching?

If you love anime based on games, mystery, and strategy then this is for you. You will never get bored while watching Battle Game In 5 Seconds. It is worth watching.


It is on the list of top 10 Anime Like Battle Game In 5 Seconds. All these anime are completely based on games. It is must-watch anime for game anime lovers.

Don’t forget to share your favorite anime which is based on the game. If you want us to add some anime to this list then just comment below we will definitely add your recommendation.

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