7 Best Code Geass Waifu Who Is Your Favourite?

Code Geass is one of my favorite anime since its release. At some point, this anime is far better than death note. In every way, Lelouch is more intelligent than Light. But this post is all about Best Code Geass Waifu.

Code Geass anime has many beautiful and gorgeous female characters and today we are going to rank them. This list is especially based on the participation of each character in the anime series their actions and how beautiful and hot they are when we compare them with each other.

Best Code Geass Waifu

Without further delay, let’s start our post on Code Geass Waifu.

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7. Shirley Joseph Fenette

Best Code Geass Waifu - Shirley Joseph Fenette

Shirley is the best and most desirable waifu that everyone desire. She is very loyal to Lelouch, and her loyalty and love towards Lelouch forced her to Shoot Villetta Nu.

Shirley not very popular among the Code Geass viewers but there are still some people who appreciate her existence. She neither has any war skills nor intelligence like other characters of Code Geass.

So it is impractical to compare her with other female characters. Her memory is erased twice and she faces the pain of her father’s death which makes Shirley a strong and powerful girl.

6. Cécile Croomy

Best Code Geass Waifu - Cécile Croomy

Cecile is a skilled britannian engineer who works as Lloyd’s assistant. She is the Lancelot developer as well. She is a kind-hearted woman who loves to cook food it is another thing that her cooked food tastes horrible.

Cecile is a good friend of Suzaku, she also helps with her homework. Apart from her engineering skill, she is also a good Knightmare Frame pilot.

Cecile is as beautiful as other Code Geass characters. She can be the best waifu because of her skills and beauty.

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5. Villetta Nu

Villetta Nu

Villetta is a Britannian officer and Knightmare Frame pilot. She is not a Nobel blood but still helps Jeremiah, hoping that she gets a good rank in the Britannian Army. Her arc is very complicated in the whole anime series.

At first, she always tries to find the true identity of Zero. But once she finds it, she is shot by Shirley Fenette. Then saved by a Black Knight Kaname Ohgi but she lost her memory. But from there a questionable romantic arc starts.

She can be the best waifu who is loyal to her work and do whatever to accomplish her tasks. She has all the qualities to be the best code geass waifu.

4. Euphemia li Britannia

Euphemia li Britannia

Euphemia li Britannia is also the sister of Lelouch and a member of the Britannian royal family. She is one of the most kind-hearted people in the Code Geass anime. Euphemia treats eleven and Britannian both equally and shows respect to everyone.

This girl shares a romantic relationship with Suzaku Kururugi because Suzaku believes that the system should be changed from within. Euphemia also has a close relationship with Lelouch and Nunnally when they were children.

She is the second person who knows that Zero is Lelouch (his sibling). She occupies the 4th position because of her innocence and her pure heart, deserves to be in this best waifu list.

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3. Cornelia li Britannia

Cornelia li Britannia

Cornelia li Britannia is the older sister of Lelouch. She is also the Chief General of the Britannian Imperial Army. Cornelia head to area eleven as a Governor-General of Area 11 when she came to know that Prince Clovis (Brother of Cornelia) was murdered by a mysterious man called Zero.

This woman is a very cold-hearted yet even cares for her loved ones. Cornelia li Britannia is the only Britannian general who cares about her soldiers as well, especially Guilford. She is also called the name of “Goddess of Victory”.

This woman has great fighting skills and her intelligence is also up to the mark. Code Geass fans like Cornelia as a Villain because of her decisions and strategies. She has an attractive and eye-catchy look. That is the reason she occupies the 3rd position on this list.

2. Kallen Kozuki

Kallen Kozuki

Kallen Kaozuki is half Japanese and half Britannian, as a Britannian she uses her sirname as Kallen Stadtfeld. She believes herself to be Japanese which is the reason she uses her mother’s maiden name, Kouzuki. Her real mother is an Eleven (Japanese) who works as a maid in her house.

She admission to Ashford Academy because her father is Britannian and has very good privileges in society. She is one of the powerful members of the black knight. Lelouch as Zero often calls him Q1 and Red Ace. Kallen has a special place in Luelouch’s heart.

She is the best character when it comes to fanservice in code Geass. Kallen Kozuki is our only hope when it comes to providing fanservice in code Geass. This girl is my favorite waifu in this code Geass anime.

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1. C.C.

c2 code geass

C.C. is also known as C2 in anime series. She is the third main character of Code Geass. C2 is a girl with long light green hair and beautiful golden eyes that attracts the viewers. In the anime, Lelouch often calls her by the name witch.

She is an Immortal witch, and Geass’s power does not work on her. She is the one who gave Lelouch the power of Geass when he was on edge of his death.

Her appearance is very attractive and so is her body as well. Due to the following reason, she occupies the first position in the best code Geass waifu. What do you say about C2 do you like her as a waifu?

These are 7 best Code Geass Waifu. I know you might have a question in your mind what about other waifu? I know there are plenty of them but I picked the best and most likable waifu from Code Geass. My favorite waifu of Code Geass is Kallen. Who is yours? let me know in the comment section.

Source: MAL, MyWaifuList

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