10 Best Fantasy Romance Anime Of The Decade

The romance genre is something that most people love to watch but when it is mixed with romantic fantasy unforgettable moments takes place in the viewer’s heart. Best Fantasy Romance Anime series that you can watch in 2022.

In this list, we are also going to cover some of the underrated anime you may have never heard of before but trust me they are worth watching you can not ignore them just because they are not as famous as other romantic fantasy anime.

The story of these fantasy anime will let you in a fairy-type world where demons, dragons, gods or other fantasy-based creature exists. But romantic anime shows the relationship between two people. When it comes together these fabulous anime are made.

It is not necessary that Fantasy Romance Anime always gives us a happy ending similar to romantic anime but it does teach us the value of relationships and love. That’s what I learn from all these romantic fantasy anime.

Best Fantasy Romance Anime

Table of Contents

10. Hiiro no Kakera (Scarlet Fragment)

Hiiro no Kakera

This is romance fantasy anime with a female lead. Scarlet Fragment is the story of a teenage girl whose name is Tamaki Kasuga. When Tamaki returns to her ancestor’s village she finds out that she has to become the next Tamayorihime (Princess) because the women of her family possess the blood of Princess or Tamayori.

This Tamayori has the power to save people from Ghosts and Demons. Till then her grandmother acquired this position. Before that day Tamaki was living her life peacefully.

It is Tamaki’s destiny to acquire the magical sword Onikirimaru and to protect the world from evil.

When she came to know all these things that are quite difficult to believe. Later on, 5 young men follow her everywhere as her guardians, they also help her to believe in all this fantasy stuff.

The whole plot slowly turns romantic at the same time as soon as 5 young men are shown on screen.

I personally dislike its plot in the first place, but then a time comes everything makes sense to us. No matter how much they try to make it perfect but there are many flows in this anime, especially in the plot and character development. But overall it is worth watching.

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9. The Ancient Magus’ Bride

The Ancient Magus’ Bride

The Japanese name of this anime is Mahoutsukai no Yome. The story of this anime is focused on a 15 years old Japanese girl whose name is Chise Hatori.

She sold herself in an auction for 5 million pounds to a tall animal skull masked man. The name of that tall skull masked man is Elias Ainsworth.

At starting it seems very depressing that a teenage girl selling herself only for a better place she can call home. Because she was disgraced by her own family and classmates.

But as the story continues things get in favor of her just because of that masked man.

The skull man we are talking about posses magic skills, and he has the intention to make Chise her bride. Chise got the new house that she imagined in her dream similar to the fairy tale.

This show starts with horror and depressing trauma but ends up being a lovable love story.

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8. A Lull in the Sea

A Lull in the Sea

The Japanese name of this anime is Nagi no Asu kara. The anime story is slightly unique among all anime.

A long time ago humans used to live under the water and have the power to breathe inside the water. Later on, some of them are fed up living underwater so they head to the land.

For those who abandon water the power of breathing inside the water also seems to demolish by time. The anime follows the story of Hikari Sakishima & Manaka Mukaido who is studying with their childhood friend Chisaki Hiradaira and Kaname Isaki.

They all belong to the sea world but for studying they have to come to the surface world. They also met a guy named Tsumugu Kihara a fisherman.

Tsumugu is the kind of nice guy who loves the sea. As the story moves and as they start spending more time in the surface world they start facing discrimination and many other personal problems.

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7. Maoyu Archenemy & Hero

Maoyu Archenemy & Hero

The Japanese name of this anime is Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. This anime shows the war between demons and humans that is going on for the last 15 years.

The greatest warrior from the human side named Hero (Yuusha) abandons his own army and takes the risk to enter the demon castle alone.

As he reached the castle he finds out that the whole demon army is under a girl named Maou who is Demon Queen. She is a very beautiful and gorgeous demon queen who is seeking help from Hero. Demon Queen also asked him to join the alliance but Hero refuses.

Hero explains how the war that she started is now destroying humanity. But Demon Queen replied that she made the human more united and that she will introduce a plan to stop the war only if Hero helps her.

After hearing the plan from Demon Queen, Hero is willing to join his alliance. This anime is also fantasy romance anime with the texture of war.

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6. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon

The Japanese name of this anime is Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka. Every adventurer has a dream to come bustling city.

The bustling city is the dream home of adventurers where gods also show up in order to encounter the problems and experiences that a human can undergo in their life.

Here, the adventurer also joins the familia of gods in order to fight against monsters. Bell Cranel is our protagonist and a very young guy who has also had a dream of becoming a great adventurer like other people. He also meets a god named Hestia.

Bell works hard so that he can be the only member of Hestia Familia. Bell is inspired by Ais Wallenstein, who once saved the life of Bell from the monsters.

After that moment Bell falls in love with her and also wants to become a powerful swordsman like her. This anime is completely filled with action, adventure, fantasy, romance, and comedy.

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5. Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

Spirit Chronicles

Haruto Amakawa is 20 years old college student who died in a car accident and only has one wish to meet her childhood friend and first love Miharu Ayase who suddenly disappears five years ago.

Haruto’s life totally changes when he opens his eyes to another world with another body. That body belongs to a young boy Rio who is living in Bertram Kingdom’s slums.

Haruto also came to know that their memory is also fused. From the memory, he sees that Rio’s mother was murdered by someone when he was just 5 years old. Now Rio is seeking revenge with his magical powers.

Haruto also makes his mind that he is going to live in his body and enjoy these magical powers. Rio (Haruto) saves the princess of Bertram Kingdom from kidnappers by risking his own life.

As a reward King asks him to join Bertram Royal Academy. A Royal Academy for the elite and nobles. Watch this fantasy romance anime with op mc.

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4. Spice and Wolf

Best Fantasy Romance, Spice and Wolf

The Japanese name of this anime is Ookami to Koushinryou. This anime follows the story of 25 years old man Kraft Lawrence who is a traveling merchant selling his goods by traveling from one town to another town.

The main goal of Lawerence’s life is to earn enough money and open his own shop. He gained enough experience in the field of trade because he is traveling for 7 years and sold his good in different towns.

When he reached one town of Pasloe at night, he found a wolf-deity in his wagon. The name of that Wolf-deity is Holo who is 600 years old.

But now she is in the form of 15 years old young girl with a wolf’s ears and tail. Holo introduced herself to Lawerence as a goddess of the harvest. But the people of that village become self-sufficient to increase the harvest so they called Holo a fickle god.

Now holo agrees to become his business partner of Lawrence if he helps her to the reached northern home of Yoitsu. They are unaware of what is going to happen between them on this beautiful journey.

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3. Snow White with the Red Hair

Best Fantasy Romance, Snow White with the Red Hair

Also know as Akagami no Shirayukihime. This follows the story of a beautiful young girl named Shirayuki who is born with apple-red- hair. Shirayuki lives in Tanbarun country and works as an apothecary in her own shop.

Things get messed up when the crazy prince of Tanbarun whose name is Raji notices Shirayuki and her unique apple red-hair. Prince Raji forced Shirayuki to become her concubine (a woman who lives with a man but has lower status than his wife).

Shirayuki has no choice, she cut her hair and escapes to the forest where she is saved by a neighboring country prince name Zen.

She makes up her mind, now she will be going to work as a herbalist in Zen’s country. They both become good friends but does this friendship remain as a friendship or there is something else going to happen between them? This anime is the perfect choice for those who looking for the best romantic fantasy anime.

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2. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

It is another classic romantic fantasy anime that is must watch for those who love to watch romantic- fantasy anime. Fruits Basket follows the story of young girl Tohru and her love for the Souma family.

In a car accident, Tohru loses her mother, and now she is going to live with her grandfather. Tohru’s grandfather’s family is not very supportive so she tells a lie that she will go to live with her friend but the truth is she is living in a tent and also doing a part-time job for money.

One day when she heads back to her tent after her work she finds out that the tent is buried under a sudden landslide.

A student Yuki Souma who accidentally passes the way invites Tohru to his home. At first, she hesitate but she know there is no other option left for her so she agreed in the end.

Souma’s home keeps countless surprises for Tohru, How does she react when she finds out the secrets of Souma’s family?

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1. Sword Art Online

Best Fantasy Romance, Best Fantasy Romance, Sword Art Online

This is fantasy romance anime with op mc. This anime is especially for those who like romance and fantasy but with action and comedy. More than 10,000 people are ready to play the huge role-playing game named Sword Art Online.

This game is created by using the technology named NerveGear, it gives users the freedom to control the game’s character by using their own thoughts.

The world of Sword Art Online is full of deadly monsters, powerful weapons, magic, and a fantasy world. Our main protagonist Kirito is one among 10,000 who are eager to explore the fantasy world of SAO.

Excitement turn into a feeling of sorrow when the creator of the game announced that those who logged inside the game is now trapped inside the fantasy world of SAO.

Those who want to come back have to clear all the levels of Aincrad. If a person dies inside the game, that person will die in the real world also. Kirito made up his mind to clear all the levels by teaming up with Asuna Yuuki and other skilled players.

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Here we are going to end our list of the best romantic fantasy anime series to watch in 2022. You know my favorite among all of these 10 is “SAO”, I personally like this series.

This anime is completely filled with fantasy and romance. I recommend you to watch this anime series if you haven’t watched it yet. Let me know in the comment section which one is your favorite romantic-fantasy anime series.

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