Anime For Men: Manliest Anime Series Of All Time 2022

As we all know anime is available for each and every category of our society. Every anime focuses on a certain audience base to get popularity in just a short span of time. The manliest anime are those anime that are mainly made for men or it is not wrong to say that these are anime for men only.

The manliest anime series does not focus on cute girls and fanservice but focuses on extreme fight scenes and the manliest culture to narrate the story. As we early discussed that these are anime for men only, so we have to expect less drama and ecchi but more intense action and fight scenes.

Let’s keep these factors in our mind and find out which one is the Best Manliest Anime Series For Brave Men.

Best Anime Series For Men

Table of Contents

11. Desert Punk

Desert Punk

This anime is only for those who truly love crude humor. After a nuclear or radiation accident, japan is now converted into the Wasteland also known as “The Great Kanto Desert”. Normal people need money to survive in this hot sandy desert.

Desert Punk follows the story of Kanta Mizuno also known as “Desert Punk” Or “Sunabozu”. He works as a bounty hunter or Handyman. He is also known for finishing his job no matter what the cost it takes. This anime especially focuses on Kanta’s adventure.

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11. Rainbow


Rainbow is an anime that contains Drama and suspense with a Delinquents theme. This anime follows the story of 7 cellmates and their struggle against the cruel Ishihara guard and the embarrassment that 7 cellmates face on daily basis. Suffering from a cruel doctor who enjoys humiliating boys.

They will have to face this torture until their sentence is not completed. Hoping for a better life once they can reach the outside world. This anime is very inspirational because it shows how one person sacrifices oneself for the sake of others. This anime shows the mature version of Brotherhood.

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10. Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy is an anime that blends action and adventure, it covers 20th-century true historical events that might be true at some point. The story of this anime takes place after Russo-Japanese War which indeed happened in the 20th century.

This anime follows the story of Sugimoto and Asirpa, whose goal is to find gold with a map that is tattooed on the body. The path of finding this vast treasure may cost their life.

This anime is added to this list because you won’t find any fanservice and romantic element in this anime which makes Golden Kamuy one of the Manliest anime for men. Apart from that, you will find gun battles and intense fight scenes.

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9. Golgo 13

Golgo 13

Golgo 13 anime follows the story of a man who works as an assassin. What is his real name, and where did he come from & his birthplace is still unknown, and even the top intelligence agency also can’t figure out about him.

Golgo 13 works only for those who are capable of giving him 3 Million USD, no matter whether you are FBI, Industrial Corporation, KGB, or mafia no matter who is the target. Once it gets into the hand of this assassin consider it is done.

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8. Shigurui


Shigurui is anime that contains too much blood and violence. This anime is set at the beginning of the Edo Era when people’s main goal was to gain honor and prove their loyalty to society. Women were given very little respect. Once Lord Tokugawa Tadanaga held a tournament.

Previously, participants were using wooden swords to fight against each other but this time they have to fight with real swords. One-arm guy Fujiki and blind guy Irako both have to fight with each other to prove themselves to his teacher Iwamoto Kogan who was the greatest swordsman in Japan.

Shigurui anime is very disturbing because of the characters’ brutal acts and what decisions they take for the sake of honor. All these things will make sense once you finish this.

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7. Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo

Another manliest anime on this list is Hajime No Ippo, this anime is a great underdog story and perfectly relatable for everyone. This anime gives us intense and thrilling fight scenes. Every side character of Hajime No Ippo has a side story that is as relatable as Ippo’s story.

Here we respect not only the main character but also the side characters. Hajime No Ippo anime follows the story of Ippo Makunouchi, and how a shy high school student becomes a great boxer. This is one of the sports anime that inspires us to do our best and never give up.

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6. Sakigake Otokojuku

Sakigake Otokojuku

Sakigake Otokojuku is a school for juvenile delinquents also we can say one of the manliest schools. This school was managed by an intellectual principal and a second world war hero whose named Heihachi Edajima. Their class contains violence and fight scenes.

This school teaches gallantry and military fundamentalism, similar to classical martial art movies. Otokojuku also taught its students politics, economics, and industry knowledge that help them to play an important role in Japanese society.

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5. Dragon Ball Series (Z, Kai, Super)

Dragon Ball Series (Z, Kai, Super)

When it comes to the manliest anime this is the first anime that hit my mind but for several reasons, I place this anime in 5th place. Dragon Ball Series has a great story that follows the adventure of Goku later team up with the best fighter and is called Z fighters.

Then again more superpower teammates come to the game. This is the best anime for those who want to watch fight and action. It is always good to see how the overpowering villain loses against the great Saiyans.

You know why this anime is only for men because some of the fight scenes last longer than 10-20 episodes and I don’t think a normal man can handle this much.

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4. Baki the Grappler

Baki the Grappler

This is another best-fighting anime for men. Baki The Grappler follows the story of a guy named Baki Hanma who is a young fighter learning different fighting skills under the guidance of his mother so that one day he can survive his own father.

Sooner he realizes that his mom’s training is not enough to beat his father and be the world’s strongest fighter so he decides to go after his own path. He starts traveling around the world and continues his training and learning other skills.

Later he finds an underground fighting arena. This is the arena where the most powerful fighters fight against each other. This anime is also one of the manliest because of its fighting scenes and violence.

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3. Berserk

Anime For Men: Manliest Anime Series, Berserk

Berserk is a brutal dark revenge story. This anime sets in a dark and disturbing setting that contain dark fantasy creature. Berserk anime follows the revenge story of “Black swordman” whose name is Guts.

Guts is a member of “The Band of the Hawk” also called “The Grim Reaper of the Battlefield” which is led by an ambitious and intelligent man named Griffith. They both fight for the sake of their own future and desire.

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2. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Anime For Men: Manliest Anime Series, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

This anime sets in a world where some humans are having the capacity to convert their inner soul power into a stand. This anime is divided into several parts. Each part has different characters and independent stories.

Each story’s main protagonist is one of the members of the Joestar family, these members are having a star-shaped birthmark on their left shoulder. This is one of the best manliest anime for men to watch because of its fight scenes and violence.

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1. Fist of the North Star

Anime For Men: Manliest Anime Series, Fist of the North Star

After a worldwide nuclear war, the whole world converted into a desert wasteland. Normal humans are forced to become a slave and rich humans begin to rule the world. In this wasteland, the only way to survive is to use the skill of martial arts.

Hokuto and Nanto school both are fighting each other for domination. Kenshiro our main protagonist is the true successor of Hakuto school and on the other hand, Shin is the rightful successor of Hanto school. Shin decides to kidnap Kenshiro’s girlfriend.

Now, Kenshiro is looking for rescuing her girlfriend in the desert. In this journey, he comes to know about the Six Grand Masters of Nanto Seiken school and 3 adoptive brothers of him.

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So finally here we are going to end our list. This list is all about the best manliest anime series only for men. If you have more suggestions for this list then please add your recommendation in the comment box.

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