Candy Boy Watch Order Guide 2022

How to watch Candy Boy in order? This anime is ONA series with OVA and Special episodes. Here I am sharing the correct Candy Boy order to watch. This post is all about Candy Boy Watch Order.

How many candy boy episodes are there?

Candy Boy Anime has 8 ONA and 1 OVA episode. All of these episodes are Canon so make sure not to forget even a single episode to watch. In total, this anime has only 10 episodes you can finish this anime in just a day.

The main genre of this anime is Romance, School, Shoujo Ai. Created by AIC Build and produced by Half H.P Studio.

Candy Boy Watch Order

What is the order of the Candy Boy series? Here you will find the correct order to watch this series.

Candy Boy: Side Story For Archive

  • Episode: 1 (ONA)
  • Aired: 22 Nov 2007 

Candy Boy: Nonchalant Talk of the Certain Twin Sisters in Daily Life

  • Episode: 7 (ONA)
  • Aired: 2 May 2008 to 8 May 2009

Candy Boy Episode: EX01 – Mirai Yohouzu

  • Episode: 1 (OVA)
  • Aired: 13 Aug 2008

Candy Boy Episode: EX02 – Shiawase Kyouyuu Riron

  • Episode: 1 (2009)
  • Aired: 24 Jun 2009

Is Candy Boy worth watching?

Candy Boy is neither Yuri nor Ecchi but a cute love story with emotional twists. If you love watching love stories, especially triangle love stories then this anime is a must-watch for you.

I recently finished this anime and I love its story the way it is presented on this screen is quite good. I would highly recommend you to watch this anime to watch.

Where can I watch candy boy?

If you are looking for OTT platforms where you can watch this anime then Crunchyroll is the best platform to watch this anime online.

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It is the correct watch order for the Candy Boy series. Before start watching this series make sure to follow the watch order. Hope we answered your question on “How To Watch Candy Boy in order?”. 

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