CCC Full Form | Course on Computer Concepts

What is CCC & what is its full-form? I am going to tell you about this. In this post, I will try to give you complete information about CCC.

CCC Full Form 

The full-form of CCC is Course on Computer Concepts. The National Electronics and Information Technology Institute, where the CCC study takes place, is all within the government’s electronics and information technology ministry. Anyone can join this institute.

CCC is a skill in which you learn about Computer and Programming. In this course, you can also learn about sending Emails, Typing letters & Applications, MS-Word, etc. There are many Computer Caching Institute out there that can help you to get your CCC Course Done. This course is about 80 hours.

There is no minimum age to do this course. You can do this course at any age. If you wish to do this course by sitting at your own home then online Portals are available for you. You can do this course online too.

There is no minimum age to do this course. You can do this course at any age. If you wish to do this course by sitting at your own home then online Portals are available for you. You can do this course online too.

How much does it cost?

There are two ways to do CCC Course first way is you fill the online form and prepare for the exam sitting at home or else join an institute. If you join an institute outside now, you will have to pay at least Rs 3000 to 3500 rupees. In online, you only need to pay between 500 to 900 rupees after filling the form.

You can choose whatever you like according to your wish. If you are interested in government jobs then you must do this CCC course.

CCC Coaching center teaches you everything practically is the good thing about joining these institutes. If you want to fill the online form sitting at home, then I would advise you to prepare for CCC from YouTube. YouTube is a free medium to learn anything online.

How to take the CCC exam?

It is a CBT-based exam conducted online. You will get 100 MCQs on Online Computer. There are four options for that MCQ, out of which you have to choose the right one. To pass this exam, you must score 50% marks. In this exam, you also get a grade according to your percentage.

Students who get 50 to 54% get D Grade. Students who get 55 to 64% get a C Grade. Students who get 65 to 74% get B grades. Students who get 75 to 84% get an A Grade.

Benefits of doing CCC Course

You should also know “what are the benefits of the CCC course?”. Below I have explained all the benefits one by one. If you want to know, read below.

  1. To get the information about the computer, you should do a Course on Computer Concepts. It gives you a lot of control over MS Office, which is very beneficial for your government job.
  2. If you are not able to study further after the 12th. You can do the job of Data Entry in any company by doing this course.
  3. Once you complete this course, you get the NIELIT certificate (Helpful for your Job Opportunities).
  4. If you want to do any government job, you must do a CCC course. It increases your chances of being selected.

Some important things

  1. Before applying for the Course On Computer Concepts. Should recheck the category of your Course. You cannot change it once it is registered.
  2. If you fill the form for this course online and cancel it later. Then you will not get any money in Refund (No Refund Policy).
  3. You have to pass the 12th class, if you want to apply for Course On Computer Concepts, you have to complete its minimum qualification.
  4. First, 50 Hours Classes are all about practical sections.
  5. 5-hour classes are all about tutorial classes.
  6. In this, you get 24 Hours for the theory class.

How to apply for Online CCC Course?

  1. Go to NIELIT’s website and click on Apply.
  2. Then select Course On Computer Concepts i.e., CCC Course.
  3. Read the instructions given on the website carefully.
  4. Fill the application form for CCC Course correctly.
  5. Upload your Signature, Thumb Impression, and Image to the Site.
  6. Submit the filled form after that.
  7. You will be given a Unique Registered Number.
  8. If you want, you can make payments both online or offline.

How to apply for Online CCC Exam?

  1. Enter your Registered Detail and generate an ID.
  2. Fill in the other details as well.
  3. Fill in the Examination Form and double-check it.
  4. Submit that form.
  5. After that, pay the Examination Fee.

Syllabus of CCC

1.Introduction To Computer Concepts
2.Introduction To Operating Systems
3.Basic Concepts About Word
4.Elementary Concepts Of Spreadsheets
5.Introduction To The Internet, Web Browsers and WWW
6.Communication To Collabration
7.Application Of Presentation
8.Application Of Digital Financial Services

Last words

What is CCC? And how to apply for this, I tried to tell you all these things in this post. It is a very Informative course. If you are interested in computers, then you should do the course. I hope you liked this post of mine. If you have any questions, then comment below and let us know.

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