Confined With Goddesses Review 2023 (Save Data + Bonus Tips)

Confined with goddesses is an Adult game that is available for PC, MAC, and Android devices. In this post, I’m going to share my personal thoughts on this game. I have recently completed Confined with goddesses Game Version

This post is all about the pros and cons of this game. If you haven’t played this game yet make sure to go through our review this will let you decide whether this game is worth it or not.

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About Confined with goddesses

Confined with goddesses is a Visual Novel game whose author is Eroniverse and made with Ren’Py. This game is now only available in English. If I talk about the gameplay session, it took 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the Confined with goddesses Game Version which is the latest version of this game. This game is still in development means sooner we will get more scenes.

Here the main goal of the protagonists is to make a great connection with the girls by talking to and observing them from time to time and becoming ideal boyfriends.

Confined with goddesses Characters

The latest version of this game has only 5 characters, 1 is the boy (our main mc) and the other 4 remainings are girls. All are living in the same house. You can give your desirable name to each and every character.

But here is one major defect that is seen, even after changing the name of female characters it still shows the pre-defined name, and the user’s given name shows in a small bracket after the pre-defined name. Sometimes this thing is quite frustrating.


This guy is the main protagonist of the story. He is very horny and attractive. He already had a girlfriend. In order to improve the skill of MC, you should use your computer to earn money and upgrade your physical and sexual skills. You will not able to use the computer when Emma is in there.


Emma is one of the four female characters in this game. She is the most famous girl in the university and she always shows acts in an insulting way toward MC. Emma already has a boyfriend. She is Sarena’s little sister and her mother is Berry who is also the teacher. She is a streamer and loves posting her personal erotic video and photos.


Sarena is the best friend of our MC, she has a girlfriend, but she ofter busy with her work. She really loves making fitness videos. MC has only a chance to get more close to her by participating in her videos daily on the balcony. Sarena is the oldest daughter of Berry.


She is the Milf Teacher of the MC. Berry is very carrying and lovable. She has a very soft corner for MC. She is the mother of Sarena and Emma. Berry is already married and her husband has always gone on business trips. Sometimes she becomes very intimidating towards MC.


She is MC’s father’s girlfriend and she has very disgraceful feelings towards the main character similar to Emma. As you update the skill of MC she becomes sexually attracted to MC. You should often visit her room in order to get scenes with her.

Timetable to catch girl

Keep the below table in your mind in order to complete this game as soon as it is possible.

Name 9 AM 2 PM 6 PM 10 PM
Valerie Backyard Kitchen Balcony 2 Valerie’s room
Berry Kitchen Berry’s room Backyard Balcony 2
Emma Dining room Backyard Computer Kitchen
Sarena Balcony 1 Balcony 2 Living room Backyard
Event 9 AM 2 PM 6 PM 10 PM
Shower Time Emma Sarena Valerie Berry
Wake-up order Berry Emma Sarena Valerie

In order to start the cooking, jacuzzi, and tv event, you should reach level 1 for that you have to increase the girl’s affection level and also improve your skill.

Events like showering, dinner time and the party don’t require level 1 only require better communication with each girl.

Why should You play this game in 2022?

This game is much better than the other Visual Novel game, If you play this game wisely you will get erotic scenes much early which is a good thing. We do not have to wait for a long time. Every character is beautifully animated and the graphics and background are awesome. Below I am sharing my own personal experience that I observed during the gameplay.

  1. I really love the character design especially Emma and Berry both are my favorite character.
  2. The story is making sense unlike other bullshit games, this game has a good story.
  3. The map is quite simple and easy to read, we can also figure out which is doing what works.
  4. Hand Skills, Tongue Skills, and C**k Skills can easily increase by using the computer.
  5. You can start your own blog and earn money that will help us to earn money for buying stuff.

Why Shouldn’t You play this game in 2022?

Till now this game is doing well, I didn’t notice any bad things about this game and also hoping that the next update will follow this perfection as well.

Bonus Tips

If you are playing this game for the first time then you should follow some bonus tips that will help you to complete this game faster.

  1. Start your blog first and improve your Hand Skill, Tongue Skill, and C**k skills simultaneously.
  2. At starting, talk to and observe every character.
  3. You will find out the girl’s affection increases and then start the party in the living room.
  4. Have a party with each girl every night.
  5. Keep your eyes on the “Girl’s tab”, it will give you a hint of what you should do next.
  6. Keep your eyes on Time table that I have shared above.
  7. Never lock your room at night.

These 7 points will undoubtedly help you to complete this game early. Apart from that, I am also sharing my save data of Confined with goddesses Game Version That will unlock all of the latest scenes of your game and you don’t have to play the game.

Now it is time to say goodbye, it is a good game if you are someone who loves to play visual hentai games then this is it. This game is still in development means we will get a new version very soon.

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