All Of Deku’s Quirks Explained In My Hero Academia

How many quirks does Deku have? What are all 6 quirks? In this post, we are going to talk about All of Deku’s Quirks Within one for all.

Izuku Midoriya or Deku is the main protagonist of My Hero Academia. He was born Quirkless but later he somehow caught the attention of All Might. Due to his passion for heroism, his thoughts toward justice, and his courage to save people even if it costs his own life All Mighty decided to pass his quirk to Young Midoriya.

All Might possess the power of “One For All”, All Might got his power from someone else a long time ago. Like Izuku Midoriya, All Mighty was also once Quirkless until someone transferred “One For All” to him.

When Midoriya joins UA High a prestigious school only for the hero, he starts to learn the basics of how to become a hero.

During the Paranormal Liberation War, He gets in the eyes of Deadly Villains like Shigaraki and All For One because of his quirk. Actually “One For All” is more than a quirk. In this post, we are going to talk about all 6 quirks of Deku. and how he gets all his quirks after the “One For All”.

What are Deku’s quirks?

Table of Contents

1. Black whip

Deku's Quirks Black whip

After possessing “One For All” from all mighty, it was his second quirk that he received from the 5th user of “One For All” whose name was Daigoro Banjo. This quirk allows Deku to generate the tendrils of black energy from his body.

By using black energy he can generate more than one tendril at the same time. This quirk is very good in grappling heavy objects. This quirk reminds me of the quirk of Froggy. She is also having the kind of quirk but she uses his tongue besides black energy. After getting this quirk, there was a drastic change in Deku’s mobility.

2. Float (Deku’s 3rd Quirks)

Deku's Quirks float quirk

After obtaining “Black Whip”, it was the third quirk that he acquired from the 7th user whose name was Nana Shimura. She once was the All Might Mentor. This quirk allows Deku to remain suspended in the air.

It is not a great combat skill but combining Float with Black Whip can be a deadly combination while fighting with the villains. Deku first awakens this quirk during the fight on Paranormal Liberation Front. The float quirk is useful when it comes to dodging the villains’ attack.

3. Danger Sensing

Deku's Quirks Danger Sensing

This quirk originally belonged to Hikage Shinomori who was the 4th user of “One For All“. Deku activates this quirk in Paranormal Liberation War. At first, he didn’t realize what was going on then later he figured it out. Danger Sense quirk allows Deku to detect the threats around the area or surroundings.

Danger-sensing quirk is useful against the slow villains where Deku can take action before the villain does. Whether this quirk is beneficial or not is somehow connected with the speed of an opponent. Apart from that, this quirk is very useful in rescuing people.

4. Smoke Screen

Smoke Screen

Smokescreen quirk belongs to the 6th user of “One For All” whose name was En. Later after the Paranormal Liberation War Deku successfully awakens this quirk. One who acquires this quirk can generate thick cloud-like dense smog from their body.

This quirk is very helpful when it comes to preparing for a surprise attack or escaping from the enemy’s grip.

Once the thick cloud-like dense smog is released it’s difficult to see the surroundings which definitely affects the vision of opponents as well as the user itself. This quirk is worthless when it comes to fighting against the villain who doesn’t need their eyes to see such as “All For One”.

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5. Fa Jin (Deku’s 3rd Quirks)

Fa Jin

Fa Jin is the quirk of the third user who once possessed “One For All”. The name of this 3rd user is still unknown. The ability of Fa Jin’s quirk is very similar to Bakugo’s power, where he stores his energy and then makes a powerful explosion. Bakugo can do this many times but Deku only has one chance.

While moving Deku can produce and store the kinetic energy later on this energy can be released in the form of a powerful explosion of speed and power. In order to increase the limit of quirks, he combines this quirk with “One For All” and “Black Whap”.

6. Stockpiling and Quirk Transferred

 Stockpiling and Quirk Transferred

After gaining “One For All” from All Might Deku came to know that this power is passed from generation to generation. It all started with the quirkless brother of All For One. Yoichi was the only quirkless individual who oppose the ideas of his brother because he had a powerful sense of justice.

All For One forces a quirk upon him, at that time he came to know that Yoichi already has a quirk that allows him to transfer his quirk to anybody he wants. As a result combination of these two quirks gave the birth of “One For All”.

Yoichi was physically not too strong so he decided to pass “One For All” to his successors hoping that one day this power will become capable of destroying the “All For One”.

There is a total of 9 people who inherited the power of “One For All” including Deku. So as we count all the quirks there are 6 quirks that he inherited till now. Although All Might and Deku itself didn’t have any quirk, 2nd user of “One For All” is still known so we can not figure out about his quirk either.

There are rumors that 2nd user may be the ancestors of Bakugo and the quirk he possessed might most powerful among them all. So we have to wait, we will find out soon in upcoming manga chapters of My Hero Academia.

These are all about Deku’s Quirks. I hope you will find this post helpful.

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