86 (Eighty-Six) anime watch order 2022

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Guys most welcome to our blog, in this post we are going to share with you the watch order of anime Eighty-Six. This anime has two parts and a special episode. If you are planning to watch this anime, I would highly recommend you follow the watch order that we are going to share below.

86 (Eighty-Six) anime is a Japanese anime series based on a light novel of the same name. This anime is based on themes of mache and military.

The main genre of this anime series is action, drama, and sci-fi. 86 (Eighty-Six) anime made under the studio of A-1 Pictures and produced by AniplexKadokawa, and Bandai Spirits.

For those who don’t know, A-1 Picture studio is well known for its work in Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, and Blue Exorcist.

How many episodes will 86 anime have?

86 anime has 2 parts. 86 (Eighty-Six) Part 1 has 11 episodes and Part 2 has 12 episodes. Apart from that Part 2 has Recaps that includes 2 special episode. There is one more special episode named “Coquelicots Blooming Across the Battlefield”.

So total there are 26 episodes and all of them are worth watching if you want to watch this anime in order then follow the watch order given below.

86 (Eighty-Six) watch order

86 (Eighty-Six) Part 1

  • Episode: 11
  • Aired: 11 Apr to 20 Jun 2021

Coquelicots Blooming Across the Battlefield (special)

  • Episode: 1
  • Aired: 27 Jun 2021 

86 (Eighty-Six) Part 2

  • Episode: 12
  • Aired: 3 Oct 2021 to 19 Mar 2022

86 (Eighty-Six) Part 2 Recaps

  • Episode: 2
  • Aired: 28 Nov 2021 to 5 Mar 2022

How can I watch 86 anime?

This anime is available on Crunchyroll, Bahamut Anime Crazy, Bilibili, and IQIYI. In some regions 86 (Eighty-Six) anime is available on Netflix as well so you can watch that anime on any of these platforms.

Is it worth watching 86 anime?

I am not a guy who loves mache anime but this anime is something different from the other mache anime. This anime deals with real-life problems with the combination of mache and military.

I personally enjoyed this anime and I would recommend you to watch this anime. If you haven’t tried any mache anime yet then this will definitely change your perspective on mache anime.

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