How To Calculate SMAPE Using Excel

SMAPE is also known as “Symmetric Mean Absolute Percentage Error”. It is used to predict the accuracy of measures on the basis of percentage error. In this tutorial, we are going to how we can calculate SMAPE in Excel with just 3 easy steps.

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SMAPE = (1/n) * Σ(|forecast – actual| / ((|actual| + |forecast|)/2) * 100

Above, you can see the formula of SMAPE that you can use while calculating symmetric mean absolute percentage error with hands.

After calculating if you get the smaller value then the predictive accuracy of data is said to be better.

You don’t have to be an expert to do this calculation. We’ve broken down the process into three easy steps so you can easily follow along.

Without further delay let’s jump into the step-by-step procedure of calculating SMAPE in excel.

1. Enter Actual and Forecasted values

Insert Actual And Forecasted values in Excel separately

In my case, I am using simple data. I have made 2 columns. Column B represents “Actual Values” and Column C represents “Forecasted Values”.

2. Find SMAPE Differences

Once you are done entering data, the next step is to find the SMAPE Difference

Find SMAPE Differences

**you can use these applied formulas for your reference**


3. Find SMAPE

In the end, we are going to calculate the “Symmetric mean absolute percentage error”.


**you can use this applied formula for your reference**

As you can see we get the final value of 10.79% which is better.

You can calculate the SMAP of any model by just following the 3 simple steps in excel.

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