Fan Service Anime: 9 Anime With Extreme Fanservice

Best Fan service Anime, guys today in this post we are going to cover the best anime with fanservice. But first of all, we will gonna see what is fanservice does this type of anime worth watching? all these questions are now going to be answered today.

What is Fan service anime called?

Fanservice anime is a type of anime that is made to satisfy and please the male audience. These types of anime contain sexual activities and nudity. Now a day almost every anime contains one or two episodes that are only based on the fanservice.

Does fanservice anime or episodes really attract the audience? Actually, that is something that the creator should think of. I mean Anime With Fanservice does attract the male audience but what about female audiences?

Fanservice can only be considered if it is within the limit. When fanservice crosses the limit it really reduces the reach of the anime. It directly gives the female audience reasons not to watch that anime series.

I also remember some of the worse fanservice anime Fairy Tail, Kill la Kill, To LOVE-Ru, and High School of the Dead are some of the anime with fanservice that increase the limit of fanservice. This type of anime faced very much difficulty when it comes to gaining a female audience.

Ignoring the topic of Worse Fanserive Anime, here we are going to share with you the 9 best fanservice anime of all time. This list has worse fanservice anime as well as anime with moderate level fanservice anime.

Best Fan service Anime

Table of Contents

9. Fire Force

fire force anime

Fire Fore anime gives me a shounen vibe but then it turns out to be a massive fan service so may it was their aim. This anime has a great story and concept. Here the heroes are called by the name of firefighters who fights against the flame monsters.

When Tokyo was possessed by demons and people are dying burning in the flame. They force the establishment of a new department named Fire Fore. A firefighter’s duty is to find the root of this problem, destroy the evil and save the lives of humans.

The best example of fan service that I can give you right now is Tamaki Kotatsu. She is the walking piece of fan service that will provide countless fan service scenes.

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8. Monster Musume

Monster Musume

Monster Musume is one of the best ecchi-harem anime filled with fanservice. This anime shows the relationship between humans and non-human species in a harem and ecchi way.

Kimihito Kurusu’s life completely changed when he find out about Monster Girls. These monster girls are friendly and want to date humans like us. Due to the Cultural Exchange Between Species Act, they are allowed to integrate monsters into Japanese society.

When Kurusu Kimihito volunteered at the Cultural Exchange Between Species, he has to live with the snake-like lamia whose name is Miia. It is the duty of Kimihito to help Miia in order to fit into Japanese society and the daily life of humans.

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7. Prison School

prison school

Do you know why I like Prison School, the answer is because of its camera angle that you will get to see from time to time. The style and art of this anime are totally different from the other fan service anime series. This is an enjoyable anime with no dull moments.

The story begins with the 5 male students who study at Hachimitsu Private Academy. This Academy is full of elite girl students and only 5 male students are there.

These 5 guys are making plans of peeking at girls while bathing. But due to a lack of strategy and foolishness, they are getting exposed in front of all the girl’s students. Those 5 guys were sent to a prison which is situated near the school ground.

The story gets more hilarious and interesting after they are imprisoned. This anime is not only full of comedy but also good in the point of view of the story and character development.

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6. Kiss x Sis

kiss x sis

Kiss X Sis is an anime with an extreme level of fan service, there are actually two versions of this anime one is censored and the other is uncensored. Trust me it is the perfect example of a pure fan service anime series. There is a very thin line between Kiss X Sis and Hentai.

Keita is the main protagonist of this series who has innocent twin stepsisters. They both love Keita, but it is in a lustful way. They both are willing to do whatever makes Keita fall in love with them.

In this process, we get lots of fanservice scenes. It is better to watch an uncensored version of Kiss X Sis that will give you the best view ever. The story of this anime series is very simple and the main focus is fanservice.

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5. To Love-Ru

to love ru

To Love-Ru is the best fan service anime when it comes to comedy. Many people complain the plot is quite complicated and yes it is but later on when the situation remains hot who really gonna care about the plot.

As I have already mentioned above that this is one of the worse fan services anime means there is too much fan service at some point which decreases the reputation and reach of this anime indirectly. This anime is only for those who like overload fanservice.

Rito Yuuki is a high school student whose age is only 16 years old. Since elementary school, he loves a girl named Haruna. He hasn’t confessed her love yet to Haruna. The tragedy begins when a half-naked girl Lala appears in his bathtub.

Later on, Rito finds out that Lala is not an earthling she is from another planet and she is a princess who escapes from her home. Surprisingly, she agrees to marry Rito. because her family forced him to marry against her will.

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4. High School of the Dead

Fan Service Anime: High School of the Dead

This is the best fan service anime with the zombie apocalypse. As the story continues the fan service moment increases drastically. There is an OVA episode, if you are really a true fanservice love then you should watch that episode filled with bathtub scenes and naked melons.

This anime started after the spread of a mysterious and deadly illness among the people, those who were infected fell down and turn into living dead zombies hungry for blood. Fujimi High School where our main protagonist is studying.

As the apocalypse begins the whole campus and faculty turn into zombies within an hour, only a few are able to survive and manage to escape from Fujimi High School.

But this is the beginning of the story, the group of students who manage to escape doesn’t know what comes next in their way. This anime gives enough fanservice and the best fight scenes as well.

This anime only has 12 episodes, and the development of each character within the 12 episodes is awesome. Apart from fan service, you can expect a great amount of action, suspense, and comedy.

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3. Queen’s Blade

Fan Service Anime: Queen's Blade

When it comes to ecchi and fan service, I really don’t know why the majority of people ignore this gem. This anime should be on the list whenever the ecchi and Fanservice words come to mind.

This anime is not all about nudity but also focuses on story plot and character development, unlike other fanservice anime. Those who already watched know the importance of this anime.

The story of this anime is based on an island ruled by Queen. Every few years, the queen is chosen among women warriors who are able to win the Queen’s Blade tournament. In this tournament, no beauty matter those who survive till the end becomes the Queen of the Island.

This war is brutal and sexy at the same time when we get some fan service moments between the intense fight scene. it fights scenes recall me of Kill La Kill. Our main protagonist is a female named Leina Vance who wish participate in Queen’s blade tournament.

On her way to becoming a Kind and Powerful queen, there are countless obstacles and deadly enemies. Will she be able to become Queen or be executed by her competitors?

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2. Shinmai Maou no Testament

Fan Service Anime: Shinmai Maou no Testament

Some anime fans are comparing the fanservice of this anime with High School DxD. This anime is act as the thin line between anime and hentai. Fans compare this anime with High School DxD because of its action, comedy, harem, and ecchi.

This anime is for those who like master-servant drama, hot demon girls tragedy, and step-sister drama. You can expect a lot of fan services from this anime it won’t let you down.

Toujo Basara is a first-year high school student, the plot started when his father remarried a woman who has two daughters named Maria and Mio.

His father adopted Maria and Mio. Later on, we came to know that Maria and Mio are newbie demon lords. Now, these two hot girls are going to live with our protagonist Toujo Barara. This incident led to the anime story and drama which change the life of Barara.

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1. High School DxD

Fan Service Anime: High School DxD

High School DxD is considered being best ecchi anime ever made. Not only because of its fan service but because of its satisfying store and fabulous animation style.

Sometimes the fan service anime is more focused on its fanservice and forget to prioritize the story and character development. With this anime it is not the case, it provides everything we ever need.

Hyoudou Issei is an ordinary guy who goes on his first date with his girlfriend Amano Yuuma. Yuuna killed Issei and was exposed as a fallen angel whose real name is Reinare. Reinare is on a mission to execute divine weapons.

Senpai Rias Gremory revives Issei, this time Issei is reincarnated as a devil. Issei has to fight against the fallen angel with Rais Gremory in order to return her favor. Later as the story continues, he gains a divine power and becomes the user of 13 Longinus possessors with his booster gear (Red Dragon Emperor’s Gauntlet).

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