Ganbare Douki-chan getting ONA Series Adaptation [Sept 2021]

Japanese manga named “Ganbare Douki-chan” also known as “Do Your Best, Douki-Chan” or “Senpai Is Mine” finally we are getting its ONA (Original Net Animation) Series.

Recently, the Official Twitter Handel of AnimeTV チェーン posted this tweet on Aug 14, 2021, where they confirmed that Ganbare Douki-chan (Senpai Is Mine) is going to get Web Anime Series (ONA).

Ganbare Douki-chan (Senpai Is Mine) Officially release on 20 September 2021.

Let’s gather more knowledge about “Ganbare Douki-chan (Senpai Is Mine)” anime so that you will know what you need to know about this anime series.

Ganbare Douki-chan Manga

“Ganbare Douki-chan (Senpai Is Mine)” is a Manga series written and illustrated by Yom. After doing a little bit of research I found out one more Manga written by Yom named “LORD, PLEASE TURN ME BACK INTO A DEVIL!”.

The main genre of Ganbare Douki-chan Manga is comedy, drama, romance, slice of life, and ecchi. To this date total of 52 chapters are released. The first chapter was released on March 30, 2020.

Ganbare Douki-chan Manga series is still ongoing.

Ganbare Douki-chan Anime (Expectation)

As it is announced that Ganbare Douki-chan (Senpai Is Mine) now will get its first web anime adaptation, we researched a lot to find some important points which we will get to see in Web Anime.

I already finished its Manga till chapter 52, it doesn’t have enough content to make a 12 episodes anime series so I conclude that the ONA series shall not have more episodes than 4-6 ep.

Ganbare Douki-chan Popularity Graph
Graph from Google Trends shows exactly how many people are searching for Ganbare Douki-chan term (It is Past 7 days data)
Senpai is mine
Graph from Google Trends shows exactly how many people are searching for Senpai is mine term (It is Past 7 days data)

However, I am well aware with this thing its Manga is still ongoing. If my above-mentioned conclusion proved wrong then there may be one possibility, which is, they may release each episode in a 15 to 20 days gap. So that they managed to work on Manga material at the same time. Which can indirectly supply more material to anime series.

Ganbare Douki-chan Anime Plot & Genre

As we discussed the Manga genre above, here I am going to discuss its Anime genre. Anime will contain lots of ecchi scenes (Really Lots Of Ecchi), comedy, romance, and drama.

I have to be honest when it comes to Rate the storyline or plot. I have to say Manga is outstanding. Its animation style, as well as story-plot, is quite engaging and well crafted. As we start reading, it catches your attention in no time. Hope they also bring all the things in Anime.

The anime series is going to make under AtelierPontdarc studio and directed by Kazuomi Koga. I tried to find some detail and work done by Atelier Pontdarc but unfortunately, I can’t able to find a single one. So it’s quite exciting to wait for its release and then only we can judge their animation skills.

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Ganbare Douki-chan Anime Storyline

I don’t want to reveal its major plot so I am just scratching the surface for you. A girl named Douki-chan faces a struggle to propose to her Senpai (Senior working in the same office). She is not the only girl who wants to confess her feeling to Senpai. As the story goes further ahead, One more girl comes into the play.

Ganbare Douki-chan will stream in Japan On ABEMA. The first episode is going to release on Sept 20, 2021.

It will be fun to watch three girls trying to get a man. They will do everything to get her senpai to fall in love with her. This anime series will contain many Ecchi and Comedy scenes which are slightly clear from this plot.

Ganbare Douki-chan Anime Voice Actors

Our main protagonist is a female character named “Douki-chan”. In which, 3 are girls and one is a boy. The other two girls “Kouhai-chan” and “Senpai-san” both are just supporting characters. Douki-Kun is the guy with whom they are in love.

CharactersVoice Actors
Douki-chan (Girl)Hieda, Nene
Kouhai-chan (Girl) Uesaka, Sumire
Senpai-san (Girl) Seto, Asami
Douki-Kun (Boy) Enoki, Junya


I know, This post has provided you some value. I know you are confused about whether you need to watch its anime adaptation or not. I am going to suggest to you that it will be worth your time. This post would be updated from time to time if we get any information.

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