Girls Und Panzer Watch Order [Update 2022]

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Are you searching for an anime with plenty of girls? actually, there is considerably anime like that where you get girls and most of them are harem and ecchi but today we are going to talk about anime named Girls Und Panzer.

In this post, we are especially going to focus on watch order and where you can watch this anime. If you are planning to watch that anime on your weekends then this post will definitely provide some value.

Girls Und Panzer is also known as Garupan is an anime series. The main genre of this anime is action, sports, military, and school. Girls & Panzer was made under the studio of Actas.

Actas most of the anime has girl protagonists and some of the anime has only girls characters. Anime like Princess Principal, Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars, Mayo Elle Otoko no Ko, Yutori-chan, Tactical Roar are some of the most famous anime made by Actas Studios. Girls Und Panzer was produced by Lantis, Movic, Showgate, Cyclone Graphics, etc.

How Many Girls und Panzer series are there?

This anime has only one season. That particular season has only 12 episodes. Apart from that, there are OVA and special episodes including movies. Below I am sharing the chronological order of Girls Und Panzer. This will help to start with this anime, some of them are optional means you can skip those episodes if you don’t have enough time to watch them.

Girls und Panzer watch order

Girls & Panzer

  • Episode: 12
  • Aired: 9 Oct 2012 to 25 Mar 2013

Girls & Panzer: Shoukai Shimasu!

  • Episode: 2
  • Aired: 13 Nov to 25 Dec 2012

Girls & Panzer OVAs (Optional)

  • Episode: 6
  • Aired: 21 Dec 2012 to 21 Jun 2013

Nihon Senshadou Renmei News (Optional)

  • Episode: 2
  • Aired: 21 Jun 2013

Girls & Panzer Heartful Tank Disc Picture Drama (Optional)

  • Episode: 4
  • Aired: 25 Sep 2013 

Girls & Panzer: This is the Real Anzio Battle!

  • Episode: 1
  • Aired: 25 Jul 2014 

Girls und Panzer der Film

  • Episode: 1
  • Aired: 21 Nov 2015 

Girls & Panzer Movie Specials

  • Episode: 3
  • Aired: 27 May 2016

Girls & Panzer: Dai 63-kai Senshadou Zenkoku Koukousei Taikai Recap

  • Episode: 1 (ONA)
  • Aired: 11 Nov 2017 

Girls und Panzer das Finale – Part 1

  • Episode: 1 (Movie)
  • Aired:9 Dec 2017  

Girls & Panzer: Saishuushou Part 1

  • Episode: 1 (Special)
  • Aired: 23 Mar 2018

Girls und Panzer das Finale – Part 2

  • Episode: 1 (Movie)
  • Aired: 15 Jun 2019

Girls und Panzer das Finale – Part 3

  • Episode: 1 (Movie)
  • Aired: 26 Mar 2021 

Girls & Panzer: Saishuushou Part 4

  • Episode: Movie
  • Aired: unknown 

Girls & Panzer: Saishuushou Part 5

  • Episode: Movie
  • Aired: unknown  

Girls & Panzer: Saishuushou Part 6

  • Episode: Movie
  • Aired: unknown 

How many movies are there for Girls und Panzer?

Girls Und Panzer has a total of 6 movies. Some of them are still about to release. Till now there is only 3 movie available. Season 1, OVA, Special, and Movie are already available on famous streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Hidive, and Amazon Prime Video.

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