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Hey guys, are you facing the crash issue while switching/changing characters. In this article, we talk about why this problem occurs, when this problem rises and how to fix it in just 1 minute.

When does this problem occur?

Many GTA 5 Players have faced this problem while playing Blitz Play mission. This mission begins after the completion of the Hood Safari mission. In this mission, Steve calls you in the phone call and wants to have a conversation with you.

Crashes while changing character Michael to Franklin. Why does this problem occur? Due to Low graphics or wrong settings.

Whenever you try to shoot bullets inside the car same issues occur.

Let me share with you a small piece of detail. It does not occur due to low system specifications because so many other players have also received these issues while playing GTA 5 on gaming laptops.

Must Update your system’s stuff

Before we jump into the solving process, you should look at the following point that I am discussing below.

  • Update Visual C++
  • Update Video Cards and Other Drivers
  • Update DirectX
  • Update your system (if needed)

You should check out these 4 points manually. In case any of them need to update, do it first.

Steps to Solve this Issue

There are two ways you should try both of these ways to check out what will work for you. Below I am discussing it.

First, many players around the world claim this issue can be resolved by switching DirectX 11 to 10.1. You can try it.

The second one is,

  • Visit the subfolder in Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles.
  • Find out a file name with cfg.dat and pc_settings.bin.
  • Delete these files from your subfolder.
  • The next step is to boot up your GTA 5 game.
  • After completing the setting, start your mission (don’t ever touch Save/load files in the game folder).

There you go, now everything is set. All you need is to enjoy your game. Use sticky bombs, granade, heavy guns, etc. Play as usual. You can complete this mission.


Guys hope you can resolve this issue. All this information I have collected from different forum websites. All thanks to the people who posted this question on forum websites.

You like this post. Do you have any queries related to GTA or any other games? Let us know in the comment section.

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