High School DxD Watch Order Guide [Update 2023]

How to watch High School DxD anime in chronological order in order to save your time and better experience? What is the correct order to watch High School DxD? This is one of the best ecchi anime ever made. High School DxD is not about ecchi and harem that is the reason many action fans also consider watching this anime.

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If we keep the fan service side then this anime has a perfect story, great and well-written character development, deadly villains, and many more. Due to the following reason, this anime is not only for the harem and ecchi fans but also for those who like action, fighting, and fantasy.

High School DxD is a Japanese anime series, animated by TNK studios and produced by Genco, Lantis, AT-X, PRA, Showgate, Atelier Musa, Fujimi Shobo, etc. The main genre of this anime series is a comedy, romance, and ecchi. This anime has 4 seasons directed by Yoshifumi Sueda. High School DxD is the adaptation of Ichiei Ishibumi’s light novel which was illustrated by Miyama-Zero.

How many Highschool DxD TV series are there?

As we have early discussed this anime has only 4 seasons including OVA and special episodes. First, let me give you a short description of the seasons and episodes. Below I am sharing the table that will help you to find out more details about the season and episodes.

Seasons Episodes
High School DxD 12 Episode + 6 Special + 2 OVA
High School DxD New 12 Episode + 1 OVA
High School DxD BorN 12 Episode + 6 Special + 1 OVA
High School DxD Hero 12 Episode + 1 OVA

High School DxD Watch Order

High School DxD

  • Episode: 12
  • Aired: Jan 6 – Mar 23, 2012

 High School DxD Specials (Not Recommended)

  • Episode: 6
  • Aired: Mar 21 – Aug 29, 2012

High School DxD OVA

  • Episode: 2
  • Aired: Sep 6, 2012 – May 31, 2013

High School DxD New

  • Episode: 12
  • Aired: Jul 7 – Sep 22, 2013

High School DxD New OVA

  • Episode: 1
  • Aired: Mar 10, 2015

High School DxD BorN

  • Episode: 12
  • Aired: Apr 4 – Jun 20, 2015

High School DxD BorN Specials (Not Recommended)

  • Episode: 6
  • Aired: Jul 24, 2015 – Jan 27, 2016

High School DxD BorN OVA

  • Episode: 1
  • Aired: Dec 9, 2015

High School DxD Hero

  • Episode: 12
  • Aired: Apr 17 – Jul 3, 2018

High School DxD Hero Special (Not Recommended)

  • Episode: 1
  • Aired: Apr 10, 2018

Note: High School DxD Specials, High School DxD BorN: Ishibumi Ichiei Kanzen Kanshuu! Mousou Bakuyou Kaijo Original Video and High School DxD Hero: Taiikukan-ura no Holy is optional to watch. If you skipped it then it will not affect the watch order of this anime and save you time as well.

Where can I watch the Highschool DxD TV series?

This anime is now available on many streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, etc.

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