How old is Near Death Note 2022

How old is near from death note: Near was living in Watari’s orphanage (Wammy’s House) located in Winchester, England. After the end of L, he entered the game in order to stop Kira’s deadly plan of eradicating those who stand against his selfish desire. In this article, we are specially talking about Near’s age.

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When Will Near Appear in Death Note?

After the end of L, he represented himself as the true successor of L and start commanding Special Provision for Kira. He comes to the same conclusion as L after making eye contact with L (Light Yagami) that he is true Kira.

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In the anime, Near appears after the 4 years of L’s death. Near with other children used to live in Wammy’s House. All the children of Wammy’s house are incredibly smart and have great brains, this is because L itself took care of all of them.

But among all of them, Near and Mello are extraordinary and also got the special guidance of L.

Who Is Near?

The real name of Near is Near River. His main aim is to eradicate the cruel mass murderer Kira and become the next L. While watching Death Note you can easily figure out how Nate is similar to L.

His appearance, decision-making ability, body posture, and personality are inspired by L, which we already observed in the anime.

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How Old is Near In Death Note?

It is a quite challenging task to find out the age of any character, especially in anime. Like the appearance, we can see he is just a kid.

In order to find the correct age, we have to go through the manga. Don’t worry I have already done what requires and here I am sharing manga details of Near.

Near was born in 1991, and manga also proves that when L was killed by Kira at that time Near was only 13 years old boy. When L’s successors joins the game he was only 17-18 years old.

So we can say at the end of the Death Note Series Near is only 18 years old young boy who defeated arrogant mass murderer Light Yagami (Present L and Kira).

In the last chapter of the manga, we came to know that Nate has successfully become the New L.

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