How Old Is Zoro In One Piece [2022 Updated]

One Piece is my all-time fav anime like most people, and I am very excited to cover this cover. In this post, we are going to talk about some of my fav character Zoro. We are going to cover some of the unanswered questions about him like How old is Zoro in one piece, the true reason behind his closed eyes, and many more.

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I will not gonna bored you by talking sh*t so let’s directly jump to the point.

His real name is Roronoa Zoro but people also know him as Pirate Hunter Zoro from Straw Hat Pirates. He was among the nine officers of Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Zoro was the first guy who joined Luffy.

When he was a kid living in Shimotsuki Village, while training he created a new style of swordsmanship, and from that Zoro become the Master of the Three Sword Style.

How Old Is Zoro?

How Old Is Zoro?

He is always considered the right hand of Luffy. When it comes to taking decisions, Zoro’s decision-making capabilities are far higher than Luffy’s. It makes a scene because Zoro is 2 years older than Luffy. Roronoa Zoro’s birthday is November 11, In the complete One Piece Series, his age is between 19-21.

Who is older Zoro or Sanji?

Zoro was 19 years old before the time skip and 21 after the time skip while Sanji was 19 years old before the time skip and 21 years 8-9 months old after the time skip. It makes Sanji older than Zoro. Zoro is the fifth youngest member and Sanji is the 6 youngest member of the crew.

Who trained Zoro for 2 years?

During The Timeskip, Zoro trained under Mihawk who taught him to Imbuement and many other skills. During the fight against Pica, he uses Imbuement skills. It is the application of Armament Haki, that allows its user to make any weapon stronger.

Why is Zoro’s eye closed?

No one knows why he closed his one eye. Everything happened during the time skip. However, there are many theories that are capable of giving the answer to this particular question.

  1. More likely while doing training with Mihawk, somehow he got badly injured and lost his eyes.
  2. Some people say Mihawk cut his eyes as a punishment.
  3. Many of them also think it is related to the demon within him.
  4. Some weeb also thinks that Zoro has Sharingan LOL.

It is up to you which one would you believe in. You might have your own theory about this and it’s okay because the author is still not clear about Zoro’s closed eyes.

Is Zoro left-handed?

Santoryu is the ultimate attack of Zoro that requires each sword in each hand and one in the mouth. This signature swordsmanship requires an equivalent amount of skill in both arms. But whenever he fights with a single sword, he often uses his left hand which clearly shows that he is left-handed. According to the One Piece wiki, Zoro is indeed left-handed.

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So guys these are some of the most frequently asked questions about Zoro, especially how old is Zoro in one piece. I collect most of this information from One Piece Wiki and other anime forum websites. If you have any suggestions or issues regarding our content let us know by commenting below.

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