How To Enable Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp [2021]

Enable Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp:- Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app in today’s time. If I talk about Indians, almost every person in India using Whatsapp. With the help of Whatsapp, you can share videos, images, data, and more, to the existing contact.

The payment service of WhatsApp also available for us now. In such a situation, the security of this app has also become a matter of discussion. WhatsApp always comes up with updates from time to time. But we can’t know anything about it properly. The Feature of Finger print Lock is one of these.

The Android Phone users are the ones who secure their phone with Finger print Lock, but they don’t think about WhatsApp at all. Many people do not even know that such a security system is on WhatsApp or not.

Fingerprint Lock was the first launch for iOS. After several months of testing, Now Finger print Lock is being launched for the Android Phone too. Earlier, many people used to Active Finger print Lock with the help of Third-Party Apps. But now you do not need to do anything like this.

With the help of this feature of WhatsApp, you no longer need a Third Party Fingerprint Lock you can install Finger print lock by doing all the settings from within WhatsApp itself.

Activate Fingerprint Lock For Android App

WhatsApp setting menu
  1. First, update your WhatsApp App.
  2. Now open your WhatsApp and click on the top three-dot on the right side.
  3. Click on Setting Option> click on ‘Account’> Click on ‘Privacy’.
  4. When you scroll down, you will see the option of Fingerprint Lock.
  5. This option is currently ‘Off’ (As you can see). Just Enable it. First, activate Fingerprint Lock by going to the setting of your phone.
  6. After that, as soon as you go to WhatsApp. It will ask for your fingerprint. After putting in your fingerprint, the Fingerprint lock will enable on your WhatsApp.
  7. It also asks you the time that after how many minutes/seconds you want to enable the fingerprint lock, you can set it according to yourself.

Activate Fingerprint Lock For IOS 

Activate Fingerprint Lock For IOS
  1. Open your WhatsApp on iOS Device.
  2. Go to Settings and select the account and click.
  3. After that, go to the Privacy section and click on the option of Screen Lock.
  4. Here you will get two options of Touch ID and Face ID. Select one of these.
  5. Now you also have to select the moment, after how many Second or Minute Lock will enable.

Whether it is Android Phone or iOS, I have told you how to Enable Finger print Lock on WhatsApp. Fingerprint Lock is going to be very useful for you in the coming times. Most of the people are eagerly waiting for the payment service of WhatsApp. For those people, it is necessary. If you like this post of mine, then please tell us by commenting.

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