How to Get Google AdSense Approval in 2021?

In this post, we are going to talk about “how you can get Google Adsense Approval in 2021” because many people ask that what is the minimum qualification of Google Adsense approval? you will get every short detail about AdSense approval.

I will talk about what 15 things Google wants to see in your Website or Blog for AdSense approval. I have gained this knowledge from my personal experience. If you are new and want to make money from AdSense, then you should follow my steps.

Why is Google AdSense Approval important?

To earn money from a blog or website, you must take the Approval of Google AdSense. Once Google Approved your AdSense account, you can place their ads on your site or blog, whenever a visitor clicks on those ads, you can get paid by Google. Google AdSense can become an amazing income source for new bloggers.

Let’s talk about those 15 things that Google wants to see in your blog to give you AdSense Approval.

1. Choose a Mobile-Friendly Theme or Templates

Choose a Mobile-Friendly Theme
Mobile Friendly Theme

The first thing you need to do is “choose a Friendly Theme and Template”. It is highly necessary. You will never get Google AdSense Approval on the Simple Blogger Template. Choose a Custom Theme and apply it to your Blogger.

You can easily download any templates by searching on Google. If you do not know how to install Custom Templates, then I have written an article for you from where you can able to learn “How To Add Custom Templates” easily.

If you are using world-famous CMS Called WordPress, then I Would Recommend Astra, Generate press, and Schema Lite WordPress themes. All these themes are mobile-friendly, Light weighted, and easy to customize for beginners.

2. Buy a Custom Domain

Buy a Custom Domain
Buy a Custom Domain

Adding Custom Domain is one of the essential steps. It might take a year to get Google AdSense Approval on Subdomains like, so buy .in, .com, .net, .org, or. me, and many other domain names that can fit your budget. Using Custom Domain somehow increase your earning from AdSense Too, which is not possible on Subdomains like I have already written an article, in which I have described the “Benefits of using a custom domain on Blogger”. You can read it.

Many YouTubers and bloggers said that Google reacts quickly on Custom Domains and if there is no mistake in your website, then it can only take 1 or 2 days to get approved by google. Now let’s talk about the people who use WordPress, they have to buy Domain and Hosting first and Setup their Website.

3. Customize Your Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar plays a highly significant role in your Google Adsense approval. You have to fully customize your Theme so that you can stand on the terms of Google Adsense. Suppose in Blogger, Navigation Bar represents your Main Label or category. If your website contains articles about News in Different Categories or Labels, then You have to adjust the Navigation Bar according to your category or Labels.

Using Navigation Bar Can Help your Visitors to find the Article on their Interest and your Visitors never get lost on your Website. They can easily go to any category and read the news. If your Website is on WordPress, first you have to create “Main Menu” and Add it to your Primary Navigation.

4. Submit Your Website to Google Bing and Yandex Webmaster Tools

Before sending your Website or Blog for Google AdSense Approval, add your website to Google, Yandex and Bing Webmaster Tools. It can help your Website’s Posts Or Pages to Appears on Different Search Engine Result Pages. Don’t Forget to Add Each Of Your Posts Manually to Webmaster Tools.

5. Generate Sitemap For Blogger

After generating your Sitemap, add it to your webmaster tool because it will guide Google about your posts and pages. If you use Bing Webmaster Tools, then you will have to submit the Sitemap of your website there too similar in Google Search Console. This process is quite easy.

6. Make Pages

Create pages like About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, and Disclaimer on your website. It is also a very important step to follow. Many websites on Google can generate Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Page for free. You can check them all. If You are facing trouble with making Contact Us Page, then use Google Forms (Blogger) or Contact Form Plugin (WordPress) For Free.

Many people have a question that if there will be any copyright issues on Online generated pages, of course not, because I use Generate Pages and still got Google AdSense Approval.

7. Write Unique Article (1000+ words/article)

Now let’s come to writing, you only have to write a unique and copyright-free article because you can think of yourself how Google AdSense will give you Approval when your content is not unique and Copied from other websites. Before applying for AdSense you have to write at least 50+ posts on your blog or Website.

Once you write 50+ articles, you can easily get Google AdSense approval. If I talk about my Personal Experience, I got Google AdSense Approval after 52 Posts.

8. Be Regular And Update Old Content

Suppose you have sent your website for AdSense approval, after that you don’t need to stop writing articles, write articles regularly and index your Post manually to Webmaster tools. Look If you want to make your career successful as a Blogger then you need to work hard and give your quality time to Blogging.

In the beginning, Avoid adding Copyrighted images to your website posts, only use very few and Non-Copyrighted images so that the risk of the copyright of images will be very low. You can visit Pixabay and much more free image-providing websites for non-copyright images.

There are many such posts whose images are quite hard to find, in such a situation, I will ask you to make the image yourself by using Photoshop and other tools.

10. Remove Other Ad Network Codes

In case if you are using other Ad networks then you have to remove all of them from your website before applying for Google AdSense Approval. Ad networks like Propeller Ads,, Adsterra, and Yllix might reduce the chances of getting your website approved by Google.

If you are using Amazon Banner ads, Affiliate links, or any sponsored Posts no need to remove them from your website. These things are not violating the AdSense Policy.

11. Write SEO Friendly Content

Write SEO Friendly Content

SEO now becomes one of the most needed steps for a content writer and website Owners. In blogging or Online Marketing SEO Strategy is the perfect weapon to defeat your opponents or Competitors. Google is also recommending the Practice of SEO to get ranked on top of the Search Engine Result Pages.

If you are writing content for your blog and do not use On-Page SEO, then your Content is Worthless for the Search engine.

For those who know nothing about SEO, first, learn SEO, and its 3 major factors call On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. Then you should start writing your content for your blog or website.

12. You must be 18+

According to Google AdSense guidelines, you need to be over 18 to get Google AdSense approval, after they approve your AdSense account, they will ask you to submit any of your governmental documents. If you are less than 18, yet you want to get Google AdSense approval, then you can use a governmental document of any elder in your home.

13. No Adult Content on Website

Google does not give AdSense approval to Adult and Illegal websites, so never use such content on your website that violates their policies. The illegal website includes all kinds of downloading websites, whether it is Movie, Anime, Software, or Confidential PDF Downloading website. Even if you can take Approval from them, they will disable your AdSense account in no time.

14. Domain age Matters

To take Google AdSense Approval, your website’s Domain Name must be at least 3 or 4 months old. It was not so in my case, my website got AdSense Approval when its age is only 30 days then You can also take AdSense approval in 30 days, for this you will have to write High-Quality and SEO Friendly Content, and Publish your Posts Regular.

15. Your Content Language

Your Content Language

Will Google AdSense approve the language that you are writing in? To know this, read the terms and conditions of Google. Just like Google AdSense Supports English and Hindi language, similarly, it supports many other foreign Languages and regional languages ​​of India as well. Click here to checkout the lists.

Last Words

These were the 15 things that you can do by yourself and make your website eligible for Google AdSense Approval. There are more basic and advanced settings that we have to do in blogger which you can do easily by searching on YouTube, in WordPress you do not have to do any such setting.

If you have completed all these things, then nothing can stop you from getting Google AdSense approval. In the end, I would just like to say that taking Google AdSense Approval is not a big deal. When I can do it, you can also do it. Just follow the terms and conditions and be honest about your work.

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