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Hunter X Hunter 2011 Watch Order

How to watch Hunter X Hunter In order? This anime is the remake of its original series which was already released in the year 1999. In this post, I am going to share the list of Hunter X Hunter watch order as well as the Hunter X Hunter 1999 Watch Order.

It is Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Super Power-based anime. Created by Madhouse Studios and produced by VAP, Nippon Television Network, Shueisha. This anime idea was adopted from Manga. Its first series was released in the year 1999 later on it was remade in the year 2011.

How many seasons does Hunter X Hunter have?

HxH 2011: It has a total of 6 seasons there are 148 episodes in its Remake version.

Hunter x Hunter ArcsEpisodes
Hunter Exam Arc26 Episodes
Heavens Arena Arc12 Episodes
Phantom Troupe Arc20 Episodes
Greed Island Arc17 Episodes
Chimera Ant Arc61 Episodes
Election Arc12 Episodes

HxH 1999: The original version has only 3 season that includes 62 episodes.

Hunter x Hunter ArcsEpisodes
Hunter Exam Arc31 Episodes
Zoldyck Family arc05 Episodes
Heavens Arena Arc08 Episodes
Phantom Troupe Arc18 Episodes

Hunter x Hunter 1999 Watch Order

What is the chronological order of the Hunter x Hunter 1999 series? This list includes the Anime series. This is correct Hunter x Hunter 1999 Watch guide-

Hunter Exam Arc 1999

  • Episode: 31
  • Aired: 16 Oct

Zoldyck Family arc 2000

  • Episode: 5
  • Aired: 17 Jun

Heavens Arena Arc 2000

  • Episode: 8
  • Aired: 19 Aug

Phantom Troupe Arc

  • Episode: 18
  • Aired: 11 Nov

Hunter X Hunter 2011 Watch Order

What is the chronological order of the Hunter x Hunter 2011 series? This list includes Anime series Movies and OVAs. This is correct Hunter x Hunter 2011 Watch guide-

Hunter Exam Arc (2011)

  • Episode: 1-26
  • Aired: 2 Oct

Heavens Arena Arc (2012)

  • Episode: 27-38
  • Aired: 15 Apr

Phantom Troupe Arc (2012)

  • Episode: 39-58
  • Aired: 15 July

Greed Island Arc (2012)

  • Episode: 58-75
  • Aired: 16 Dec

Chimera Ant Arc (2013)

  • Episode: 76-136
  • Aired: 21 April

Election Arc (2014)

  • Episode: 136-148
  • Aired: 8 Jul

How to watch Hunter X Hunter in order including movies

You don’t need to follow the order, movies are not canon. Phantom Rouge (2013) movie shows the childhood flash of Kurapika but we can not consider the whole movie a canon because of 10-12 seconds of scenes.

  • Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge (2013)
  • Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission (2014)


  1. Should I watch Hunter x Hunter 1999 or 2011?

    HxH 2011 is the complete adaptation of Manga and follows only Manga Materials. However, HxH 1999 also follows the Manga but unfortunately, it only has 3 seasons.

  2. Why did HXH 1999 stop?

    Because of the back pain of Author Togashi Yoshihiro. The same problem happened during the writing work of Yu Yu Hakusho.

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