ICU Full Form In Hindi A To Z Information 2020

ICU का Full Form Intensive Care Unit होता है। यह हर Hospital का एक Important Department होता है जो की Serious Injured लोगों को तुरन्त Medical Treatment देता है। Intensive Care उन मरीजों के लिए होता है जो जानलेवा बीमारियों से या कोई Serious Accident से जूझ रहे हो और उनके पास वक्त बहुत कम हो। ऐसे Department में Hospital अपने सबसे ज्यादा Specialized Doctor और Nurses को ही Appoint करता है।

ICU में कौन कौन से Patient जा सकते है?

जैसा की मैंने आपको ऊपर बताया की ICU कुछ Special Cases ही आते है, अब हम जानते है की किस तरह के Patient ICU में आ सकते है।

1. जिन लोगों को Heart Related Problem होती है या जिन लोगों का Blood Pressure काफी Low होता है ऐसे लोग ICU में आते है। 

2. Asthma और Pneumonia के serious Patient ICU में आ सकते है।

3. वो Accidential Cases जिसमें Surgery और Sudden Action की जरूरत होती है ऐसे Cases भी ICU में आ सकते है।

4. Coma के Patient भी ICU में आ सकते है।

5. Liver की कोई Problem या Kidney Failure जैसे वो Cases जिसमें तुरन्त Dialysis की जरूरत होती है ऐसे Cases भी ICU में आ सकते है।

क्या आप जानते है कई Hospitals में नवजात बच्चों के लिए एक अलग से ICU वार्ड बनाया जाता है जिसमें उन बच्चों का इलाज किया जाता है जिसे हम NICU जिसका Full Form Neonatal Intensive Care Unit होता है।

ITI Full Form In Hindi

ICU को अन्य ITU और CCU के नाम से भी जाना जाता है। ITU का Full Form Intensive Treatment Unit और CCU का Full Form Critical Care Unit होता है। 

ICU Equipment

ICU Full Form
1.ICU pendants
2.Medical Furniture
3.Bedpan washer
4.Suction unit
5.Oxygen flow meter
6.Flash autoclave
7.Electronic needle destroyer
8.Ambu bag-mask set
9.Cervical collar
10.X-ray viewer box
11.Patient bed motorized
12.Air bed
14.Central Monitor
15.Suction Machine
16.Mini Doppler
17.Patient-Controlled Anesthesia Pumps
18.Dialysis Machine
19.Transport Monitor
20.Et Co2 Monitor
21.Blood Warmer
22.Feed Pump
24.Patient warming System Air Warmer
26.DVT Pumps/leg compression device
27.Portable X-Ray Machine
28.Non-Invasive Cardiac Monitor
29.Intra Aortic Balloon Pump
30.Colour Doppler for general purpose
31.Continuous renal replacement therapy
32.Electronic Weighing Machine
33.Reverse Osmosis plant (Portable)
36.Syringe Pump
37.Infusion Pump
38.Advanced Ventilator
39.Ventilator (Basic)
40.Transport Ventilator(pneumatic)
41.Pulse Oximeter
42.Multiparameter monitor
45.Anesthesia Machine
46.ECG(Electrocardiogram) Machine
48.External pacemakers
49.Mechanical ventilators

CEO Full Form In Hindi

ICU के दूसरे Full Forms

1.Intakes for Current Users
2.Index Canadian Universities
3.Idaho Coalition United
4.Information and Coordination Unit
5.Isolation Containment Unit
6.Inventory of Callous Unemotional
7.Instrumentation and Communications
8.In the Inductive Control Unit
9.Internet Credit Union
10.Inter Cache Unit
11.Initial CERP Update
12.Indirect CHATS User
13.Illinois Chicago University
14.Ional Christian University
15.International Chick Units
16.Intensified Camera Unit
17.Intelligent Controller Units
18.Isolation Control Unit
19.Irish Cricket Union
20.International Catholic University
21.Instrument Comparator Unit
22.In Christ United
23.International Carbon Unit
24.Instrument Control Units
25.Incident Control Unit
26.Invisible Coders United
27.Interactive Citizens United
28.Intensive care unit
29.Improv Comedy Underground
30.Internal Combustion Units
31.Interface Communication Unit
32.InterContinental Unit
33.Intelligent controller unit
34.Inductive Control Unit
35.Immunological Contact Urticaria
36.Instructor Course Unit
37.Internet Computer Unit
39.Irate Cinema Underground
40.Intelligent Cash Unit
41.Integrity Crimes Unit
42.Institute of Continued
43.Institute of Communication for Understanding
44.Information Consultants Unit
45.International Cat Union
46.Integrity Concerns Uncovered
47.Invalid Cmu User Id
48.Indeed Com UNIT
49.Intelligence Center Unit
50.Information Communications Univ
51.Ill Crew University
52.Intranet the Communication
53.International Communication Union
54.IInfinite Campus University
55.Imperial College University
56.Istanbul Commerce University
57.Internet Creation Utility
58.International Clearing Union
59.Initial Consideration Unit
60.Idaho Cheer University
61.Information Compliance Unit
62.International Cultural Union
63.International Center of the Upstate
64.Iteso Cultural Union
65.International Contesters Union
66.Internal Cargo Unit
67.Internal Camera Unit
68.International Cadence Usergroup
69.Italian CIMIC Unit
70.Indigenous Consumers Unit
71.I Care University
72.Internet Communication Utilities
73.Individual Cooling Units
74.Internal, controllable, unstable factors
75.Independent Consumers Union
76.Idiopathic recurrent calcium urolithiasis
77.Immunologic Contact Urticaria
78.Interface and Control Unit
79.Internal Control Unit
80.Interrupt Controller Unit
81.Industrial Covert Unlimited
82.Indiana Christian University
83.Intensive coronary unit
84.Intensive care unite
85.Intensive cardiac unit
86.Intensive Car Unit
87.Inconsistent contraceptive use
88.Inconsistent condom use
89.Idiopathic chronic urticaria
90.Idiopathic calcium urolithiasis
91.Idiopathic calcareous urolithiasis
92.Incident Communications Unit
93.Input Capture Unit
94.Infant Care Unit
95.International Component for Unicode
96.Interrupt Control Unit
97.Interim Credit Unit
98.Illawarra Credit Union
99.Introductie Commissie Utrecht
100.Inclusion Criteria Use
101.Intercom Control Unit
102.International Classes for Unicode
103.Izquierda canaria unida
104.Innovative Community Unterschleissheim
105.Institute of Cardiovascular
106.Industrial and Commercial Unit
107.Iris Control Unit
108.Instructions Control Unit
109.Internet Communication Utility
110.Industrial Credit Union
111.Indian Country Unit
112.Infection in the United
113.Is Committed to Under
114.Interactive Configuration Utility
115.International Code Used
116.Industrial Control Unit
117.In Creative Unity
118.International Cyber University
119.Irish Canoe Union
200.Integrated Control Unit
201.Investment Climate Unit
202.Instruction Control Unit
203.Information Communication Unit
204.International Cheer Union
205.International Christian Union
206.International Centre for the Uplands
207.Information for Cardiovascular
208.Intermediate Care Units
209.Inventory Control Unit
210.Immigration Canada USA
211.International Congress on Ultrasonics
212.International Community University
213.Internationalist Communist Union
214.Information and Communication University
215.Intermediate Confining Unit
216.IBM Classes for Unicode
217.Internet Caribbean Unlimited
218.International Club Union
219.Intermediate Care Unit
220.Investment Company Units
221.International Clean Up
222.Inner City Unit (band; UK)
223.Ibaraki Christian University (Japan)
224.Illinois Credit Union
225.Island Climate Update (New Zealand)
226.International Chemistry Union (Los Angeles, CA)
227.Interface Coordination Unit
228.Indian Christians United
229.Interstation Control Unit
230.Instrumentation Control Unit
231.Indiana Central University (now University of Indianapolis)
232.Injection Control Unit
234.Information Coordination Unit
235.International Communist Union
236.Interim Control Unit
237.Industrial and Commercial Union (South Africa)
238.Ill Crew Universal
239.Irish Chess Union
240.Interactive Chart Utility (IBM)
241.Intersection Capacity Utilization
242.Interface Control Unit
243.Implementation Coordination Unit
244.Instruction Cache Unit (CPU)
245.International Conference on Ultra-Wideband (IEEE)
246.International Cycling Union
247.Islamic Court Union
248.ISA Configuration Utility
249.Imperial College Union (England)
250.Information and Communications University (Daejon, South Korea)
251.International Christian University (Tokyo, Japan)
252.International Components for Unicode
253.I See You


मैं आशा करता हूँ की आपको मेरा यह पोस्ट समझ में आया होगा अगर आप और भी पोस्ट पढ़ना चाहते है तो हमारे साथ बने रहे, अगर आपका इससे रिलेटेड कोई भी सवाल है तो हमें नीचे कमेंट करके जरूर बताये। 


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