Oppai Odyssey Game Review 2022 (Save Data + Bonus Tips)

Oppai Odyssey V0.3.8 is an Adult Visual Novel and Dating Sim game that is available for PC, MAC, and Android devices. In this post, I’m going to share my personal opinions on this game. I have recently completed Oppai Odyssey V0.3.8.

This post is all about the pros and cons of Oppai Odyssey . If you haven’t played this game yet make sure to go through our review this will let you decide whether this game is worth it or not. In the end, I am going to give you some extra bonus tips that will help you to complete this game in a very short period of time.

Oppai Odyssey V0.3.8

Oppai Odyssey is a Visual Novel game whose author is OppaiOdyssey. This game is now available in different languages. If I talk about the gameplay session, it took 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete the Game. This game is still in development means sooner we will get more scenes.

Oppai Odyssey Story

This adult visual game follows the story of the USF starship Agni’s captain you are playing the role of the captain who traveled around the universe to explore different planets with beautiful crews. This story is filled with intimacy and erotic moments. More about the characters is given below make sure to go through all of them.

Oppai Odyssey Characters

This game included 7 beautiful and cute female casts you have plenty of time to enjoy with all of them and share intimate moments.

1. Lym Toyotomi

She plays the role of your best friend as well as your partner in the traveling. After you, she is second in command. Whenever you need help you can rely on her. I personally like her character development during the gameplay.

2. Noel Hughes

She is a genius engineer who can take care of your ship while traveling. Noel also carries her cat. She has a bad drinking habit but when it comes to dealing with metal kinds of stuff nobody is better than her.

3. Dr. Clermont

She is the physician on board who has great knowledge of medical science. Dr. Clermont is truly intelligent but sometimes perverted as well. Wherever you spend time with her it will give you a horny type of feeling.

4. Nyx

A girl with light green hair and deep pink eyes. She is the beautiful Eldarian who recently make his place in this crew. Nyx wants to find a way to go back to her homeworld of Eldar.

5. Sybil Klein

She is a very quiet and shy girl who always hides behind her best friend whose name is Yoo-Ri. Now things have totally changed and the situation forced her to play an important role. She has to overcome her weakness in order to save her loved ones.

6. Dragon Queen Zara

She is the beautiful and hot dragon queen. Zara also plays an important role in this game. She is my second favorite character after LYM.

7. PIP

You know, every game has a mysterious character. In this game, she is a mysterious one. I can only tell that she is feisty and a prisoner.

What do I like About Oppai Odyssey?

I like the concept i.e., traveling around the universe to explore planets. Character development is also well and the animation is quite satisfying. There are a couple of reasons why I like this game.

  1. This game has 7 beautiful girl characters, and each of them is unique.
  2. The strong story and background will never get you bored.
  3. A kindhearted MC
  4. Hot Main Villain

There are minor bugs that you will definitely encounter during the gameplay but they won’t stop you from finishing the game. Hope so they can fix these bugs in the next update.

Now it is time to say goodbye. It is a good game if you are someone who loves to play visual harem games then this is it. This game is still in development means we will get a new version very soon.

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