Oreimo Watch Order Guide 2022

How to watch Oreimo in order? This anime has seasons including ONA’s. Here I am sharing the correct Oreimo order to watch in 2021. This post is all about Oreimo Watch Order.

How many episodes are there in Oreimo?

Oreimo Anime has 2 seasons and 7 ONA’s. Season 1 has 12 episodes and season 2 has 13 episodes excluding ONA. You have to watch ONA because they are canon.

Oreimo Watch Order

The main genre of this anime is Slice of Life and Comedy. Created by AIC Build and produced by Aniplex, Movic, ASCII Media Works, and Jumondo.

Oreimo Watch Order

What is the order of the Oreimo series? Here you will find the correct order to watch this series.

Oreimo (Season 1)

  • Episode: 12
  • Aired: 3 Oct to 19 Dec 2010

Oreimo (Specials 1)

  • Episode: 4
  • Aired: 22 Feb to 31 May 2011

Oreimo 2 (Season 2)

  • Episode: 13
  • Aired: 7 Apr to 30 Jun 2013

Oreimo (Specials 2)

  • Episode: 3
  • Aired: 18 August 2013

Will there be Season 3 of Oreimo?

There is no official announcement of Oreimo Season 3 but we know there will be season 3 of this anime. I guess it will be released in 2022 or 2023.

Should I watch the Oreimo specials?

You should watch its specials if you love romantic-comedy anime. I really like its story. It is one of my favorite Slice Of Life anime and if you haven’t watched this anime yet then you should start watching this beautiful anime.

Is Oreimo worth watching?

This anime is perfect if you want to know about Real Japan. This anime also shows explains more about the Otaku Culture. It will be worth your time if you are planning to watch this anime.

It is the correct watch order of the Oreimo series. Before start watching this series make sure to follow the watch order. Hope we answered your question on “How To Watch Oreimo in order?”. 

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