How To Calculate SMAPE Using Excel

Calculate SMAPE Using Excel

SMAPE is also known as “Symmetric Mean Absolute Percentage Error”. It is used to predict the accuracy of measures on the basis of percentage error. In this tutorial, we are going to how we can calculate SMAPE in Excel with just 3 easy steps. SMAPE = (1/n) * Σ(|forecast – actual| / ((|actual| + |forecast|)/2) … Read more

How To Calculate MAPE & Weighted MAPE In Excel

Calculate MAPE Weighted MAPE Excel

Have you ever heard of Forecasting Accuracy? Forecasting Accuracy is nothing but the closeness of actual quantity to a particular quantity. Here the actual quantity is often called True Value. The concept of Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) is more focused on Forecasting Accuracy. We can measure the forecasting accuracy by using the MAPE model. … Read more

How To Calculate Mean Squared Error Using Excel

Calculate Mean Squared Error Excel

Mean Squared Error (MSE) or Mean Square Deviation (MSD) is used to determine the measure of the average of the square of error for any model. In this tutorial, we are going to see how you can calculate the Mean Squared Error or Mean Squared Deviation In Excel by using just simple 3 steps. As … Read more

How Do You Create A Uniform Distribution In Excel

Uniform Distribution In Excel

In the continuous set-up, many times it is observed that the variable follows a specific pattern. This behavior of the r.v. can be described in the mathematical form called probability models, we are going to study a few important continuous probability distributions; such as uniform distribution in excel. What Is Uniform Distribution? In this distribution, … Read more