Discover the Best Period Tracking Apps for iPhone in 2023

In this article, we will explore the 10 best period tracking apps for iPhone, guaranteeing you find the perfect one to suit your needs. With the advancement of technology, period tracking apps have become increasingly popular among iPhone users. These apps offer a range of features, from predicting your next period to providing valuable insights into your overall well-being.

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10 Best Period Tracking Apps For iPhone

period tracking apps for iphone

10. Kindara

Kindara period tracking apps for iphone

If you’re interested in fertility tracking and natural contraception, Kindara is the app for you. It focuses on charting your menstrual cycles, basal body temperature, and cervical fluid observations.

Kindara provides detailed analysis and insights into your fertility, allowing you to make informed decisions about family planning. With its user-friendly interface and educational resources, Kindara simplifies the process of fertility tracking.

9. Pink Pad

Pink pad period apps for iphone

Pink Pad is not just a period tracking app; it also emphasizes community and social connections. It allows you to connect with other women, share experiences, and receive support. Pink Pad offers features like cycle and symptom tracking, fertility predictions, and reminders.

8. Period Tracker

Period Tracker is a feature-rich app that offers detailed cycle analysis and symptom tracking. It allows you to log various symptoms, such as cramps, headaches, and cravings, to identify patterns and gain insights into your menstrual health.

The app provides fertility predictions, ovulation tracking, and customizable reminders. With Period Tracker, you can take control of your reproductive health and make informed decisions.

7. Ovia

Ovia period tracking apps for iPhone

Ovia is a comprehensive health tracking app that covers various aspects of women’s reproductive health. Along with period tracking, Ovia provides features like pregnancy planning, fertility tracking, and personalized insights. Ovia also offers educational articles and a supportive community for users to connect.

6. My Calendar

my calender

My Calendar is a user-friendly app that focuses on accurate menstrual cycle predictions. It uses historical data and algorithms to forecast your upcoming periods and fertile windows.

The app allows you to set customizable reminders for period start dates and fertility-related events. My Calendar also lets you track symptoms and take notes to better understand your menstrual patterns.

5. Period Tracker Lite

Period Tracker Lite

For those seeking a simple and straightforward period tracking app, Period Tracker Lite is an excellent choice. This app allows you to log your periods, symptoms, and moods with ease.

It provides a clear overview of your menstrual cycles and predicts your future periods. Period Tracker Lite also offers basic features like customizable reminders and a backup option to keep your data secure.

4. Eve


Eve is an app designed specifically for women to track both their periods and sexual health. It allows you to log your sexual activity, moods, and other relevant information.

Eve provides daily health insights and information about contraception, pregnancy, and sexual wellness. With its vibrant and engaging interface, Eve makes period tracking and sexual health education accessible and enjoyable.

3. Glow


Glow is a comprehensive period tracking app that focuses on fertility planning and predictions. It offers advanced features such as ovulation tracking, basal body temperature monitoring, and fertility insights.

Glow can sync with various wearable devices, making it convenient for tracking multiple aspects of your reproductive health. The app also provides personalized health tips and articles to empower women in their journey to parenthood.

2. Flo


Flo is an all-in-one period tracking app that goes beyond predicting your menstrual cycles. It offers personalized insights based on your symptoms, moods, and overall health.

Flo’s unique feature is its ability to detect patterns and provide accurate predictions. It also has a supportive community where users can connect and share experiences. With Flo, you can track not only your periods but also your fertility and pregnancy.

1. Clue


Clue is a highly regarded period tracking app known for its simplicity and accuracy. With its user-friendly interface, Clue allows you to effortlessly track your periods, symptoms, and moods.

The app uses scientific algorithms to predict your menstrual cycles and provides timely reminders. Clue offers insightful articles and educational resources to help you better understand your reproductive health.

Benefits of Using Period Tracking Apps

Period tracking apps have gained popularity among women for their many benefits in managing and understanding their menstrual cycles. Here are some key advantages of using period tracking apps:

Accurate Cycle Predictions: Period tracking apps use algorithms and data input to predict future menstrual cycles accurately. These predictions can help you plan, be prepared for your period, and expect potential hormonal changes or symptoms.

Fertility Tracking: For those trying to conceive, period tracking apps offer fertility tracking features. These apps can help determine your fertile window, ovulation dates, and optimal times for conception.

Hormonal Health Insights: Some period tracking apps provide insights into your hormonal health. By tracking your menstrual cycles, symptoms, and moods, these apps can identify hormonal imbalances or irregularities.

Cycle Irregularity Tracking: If you have irregular menstrual cycles, tracking apps can help monitor and document these irregularities. By noting the duration and frequency of your periods, along with other symptoms, you can provide your healthcare provider with valuable information for potential diagnoses or treatments.


In conclusion, finding the right period tracking app for your iPhone can enhance your reproductive health journey. The ten apps mentioned in this article offer a range of features, from basic period tracking to advanced fertility predictions.

Whether you’re simply looking to track your periods or actively planning a pregnancy, these apps provide valuable insights and support.


1. How accurate are period tracking apps?

Period tracking apps can be highly accurate, especially when provided with detailed information about your menstrual cycles and symptoms. However, individual variations and irregularities can affect the app’s predictions to some extent.

2. Can period tracking apps help with fertility planning?

Yes, many period tracking apps offer fertility tracking features, including ovulation predictions and fertile window estimations. These can be valuable tools for couples trying to conceive or individuals practicing natural contraception.

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