Powerful Anime Eyes Of All Time (10 Strongest Eye Abilities)

Countless anime present powerful anime eyes abilities that are far beyond seeing. In this post, we are especially going to cover the most powerful anime eyes that will blow your mind for sure. Without further delay let’s just start our list.

The anime world is full of imagination and creativity as we all know, they always do everything in a unique that we can’t ever think of. The human eyes are bound to see this materialistic world and its beauty of it. But in anime, they represent these anime eyes as the symbol of powers and sometimes the source of power itself.

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10. Demon Eye (Soul Eater)

Powerful Anime Eyes, Demon Eye (Soul Eater)

The demon eye, once inherited by the witch queen Mabaa and later belongs to the Wolf Man also known as Free. This demon eye allows its inheritor to cast magic, it possesses its own magical abilities apart from queen mabaa.

This demon eye works on energy once it’s run out, it requires sufficient time to recharge again. The owner of the demon eye also cast a magical cannon spell. By using its ability one can teleport, forward the vision, Ice Spindle, Ice Piller, Ice Bind, etc.  

Demon Eye is one of the 10th most dangerous and powerful anime eyes of all time.

9. Erasure (My Hero Academia)

Powerful Anime Eyes, Erasure (My Hero Academia)

This is one of the great quirks possessed by a pro hero named Eraser Head (Shota Aizawa). Erasure allows him to cancel the quirk of his opponent. In order to do that, it is necessary for him to look into the opponents’ eyes.

The effect of his quirk will last until he blinks. His quirk is cool and very helpful in one vs one close combat but has many drawbacks when it comes to fighting against the whole bunch of villains.

If someone possesses more than one quirk then his Erasure eyes can not cancel multiple quirks at the same time that we have already seen in the fight between Nomu Vs Eraser Head.

Apart from that the one who manages to hide in the obstacles, moving continuously without letting him see into the eyes can easily save himself from Eraser Head Eyes.

8. Faustian Contract (Black Butler)

Powerful Anime Eyes, Faustian Contract (Black Butler)

Faustian Contract can only be made between a human and a demon. The symbol of this contract will appear on a human’s body anywhere in the case of Ciel Phantomhive it appears in his eyes and as for Alois Trancy, it appears on his tongue.

This contract can only be made by summoning a demon, summoning a demon is not an easy task. Those who are willing to live badly and can do whatever in order to take revenge for whatever bad happened to them are only capable of summoning the demon.

Once the demon is summoned, humans can make a contract once the contract condition is met in return humans must have to offer their soul to the demon for eternity. In other words, the demon will eat the soul of that human once he fulfills his desire.

Once the contract is made, the demon can do whatever for that human without asking why, the demon will never lie to his summoner, protect the life and help him to take revenge.

7. Ultimate Eye (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Ultimate Eye (Fullmetal Alchemist)

King Bradley is one of the major antagonists of Fullmetal Alchemist. He is also known by the name of Wrath. He is the last homunculus creation of Father. King Bradley possesses a special eye called Ultimate Eye. Ultimate eyes give him the supernormal proficiency of future possibilities.

By using this ability he wins countless battles and kills many opponents just by predicting their moves and attacks. He uses this power not only offensively but in a defensive way as well.

With the help of his Ultimate Eye, he is unbeatable in close combat and military strategies. The Ultimate Eyes also helps him to increase in flight, speed, and superhuman strength.

6. Shinigami Eyes (Death Note)

Shinigami Eyes (Death Note)

These shinigami eyes allow its user to see the name and lifespans of any people. All other eyes that we have featured in this post are physically different from normal eyes but shinigami eyes look similar to normal human eyes.

Shinigami Eyes changes its color only while it is being used. The shinigami eyes deal comes under a price. One who wants to inherit this must have to sacrifice his half lifespan in exchange for shinigami eyes.

Those who possess shinigami eyes are not allowed to see their own lifespan and the lifespan of other death note users. The person who possesses the shinigami eyes were Misa Amane, Kyosuke Higuchi, Soichiro Yagami, and Teru Mikami.

5. Scarlet Eyes (Hunter X Hunter)

Scarlet Eyes (Hunter X Hunter)

Scarlet Eyes is only inherited by the members of the Kurta Clan. Their eyes turn scarlet when they are emotionally worried or excited. If a Kurta Clan member died in that particular state their eyes remain the same i.e., scarlet even after their death. In hunter X hunter, these scarlet eyes are often referred to as Crimson Eyes.

These scarlet eyes temporarily increase the speed and strength of their inheritor. It is also responsible for changing the Nen Type. When the Phantom Troupe attacked and killed the whole Kurta Clan just because their scarlet eyes were worth more than a rare jewel, the only survivor left is Kuripika.

Kurapika is the only person who possesses Scarlet Eyes. While fighting with the physically strongest phantom troupe member Uvogin, he uses his scarlet eyes. After he killed Uvogin, he famous by the name Chain Bastard.

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4. Foresight (My Hero Academia)

Foresight (My Hero Academia)

Sir Nighteye possesses the powerful quirk named Foresight. Foresight allows him to see the future of any person for a whole hour. This quirk only works when sir Nighteye touches his opponent and then makes eye contact with him.

Despite being able to see the future he can’t figure out the exact date or time it is one of the drawbacks of this quirk. He can only activate his quirk once per day. Although having this wonderful quirk, Sir Nighteye often uses his Foresight eyes only for attack dodging.

Sir Nighteye also possesses great combat skills. He is also a great mentor for Mirio. He is very loyal to All Might.

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3. Geass (Code Geass)

Geass (Code Geass)

Geass is the power that unlocks a certain ability, especially within the human. The ability that is activated definitely varies from person to person. It is a kind of contract that can be made with code-bearers only like C.C. or V.V.. The symbol of this contract is seen in the eye. As the Geass user uses more of his power, it manifests the symbol in their eyes even more.

In anime, Lelouch vi Britannia’s Geass power allows his Victim to give an order and one must have to obey command at any cost. Shamna’s Geass power allows him to travel 6 hours back in time after her death.

Rolo Lamperouge’s Geass allows him to freeze time for certain moments. Charles Zi Britannia’s Geass allows him to rewrite memories, and Marianne vi Britannia’s Geass allows her soul to be transferred into another body. Jeremiah Gottwald’s Geass allows him to cancel any Geass nearby, Mao’s Geass allows him to read the minds of others at a certain range.

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2. The Six Eyes (Jujutsu Kaisen)

The Six Eyes

The power of Six Eyes is only inherited by Gojo Family. The Six Eyes traveled from generation to generation and now this power is possessed by our favorite sensei Satoru Gojo. The inheritor of The Six Eyes is allowed to use Limitless at its full potential.

Satoru Gojo is the only sorcerer who was born with limitless and the six eyes power. The Six Eyes allow its user to understand or notice immense brain processing power, and can manipulate the sophisticated powers at the atomic level.

All of these techniques require limitless cursed energy to maximize the full potential of this power. It also allows its user to differentiate different cursed energy. The reason behind hiding his eyes is also clear, if he does not hide his eyes he will gets tired easily.

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1. Powerful Anime Eyes “The Rinnegan (Naruto)”

 The Rinnegan

The Rainnegan is one of the three most powerful Dōjutsu. The Rainnegan allows its user to see the chakra and the flow of the opponent. There is one drawback it can not see through the smoke bombs. The one who possesses the Rainnegan can easily master nature’s transformation and other jutsus.

Mainly there are six abilities of the Rinnegan. The one who obtains this ability can repel or attract forces (Deva Path), summon creatures or beasts (Animal Path), can absorb the opponent’s chakra (Preta Path), who can control life and death (Outer Path), who can extract the soul of the opponent (Human Path), who can also know King of Hell (Naraka Path).

Powerful characters like Hagoromo, Momoshiki, Sasuke, Madara, Obito, Urashiki, Nagato, and Zetsu possess one of the great powerful anime eyes of The Rainnegan.

So guys here we are going to end our own list on 10 extremely Powerful anime eyes abilities. Hope you find this blog interesting. If you have any suggestions regarding our post and other materials let me know in the comment section.

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