Sasuke Retsuden Manga Chapter 1 Review [5 Key Points]

Finally, Sasuke Retsuden Manga Chapter 1 is out now. We have all been waiting for this moment since the announcement. I know some of you already finished chapter 1 but this post is a deep-down analysis and review of Naruto: Sasuke’s Story—The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust: The Manga Chapter 1.

Table of Contents

I have breakdown chapter 1 into 5 key points that will help you to understand the entire story with major and minor details. This canon story takes place before the Kawaki Arc so those who watched Boruto can also watch this in order.

1. Naruto’s Illness

The manga story starts by showing the world’s strongest shinobi and 7th Hokage Naruto who is suffering from pain in his chest. He tried to stop Sasuke to go to Retsuden.

In chapter 1 we haven’t found any clue about Naruto’s illness but indeed it is connected with “Sage Of Six Path”. Hagoroma Otsutsuki was also threatened by the same illness that Naruto is now encountering.

The first chapter shows us how health of Naruto is getting worse day after day. I am hoping that the upcoming chapter will tell a lot about illness and how it is connected with the “Sage Of Six Path”.

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2. Cure Lies In the Land Of Redaku

Land Of Redaku

To save Naruto’s life Sasuke head to the land of Redaku. It is a place which isolated from the world for many years. While investigating Sage Of Six Path he meets a girl named Lyla who already heard about this word somewhere before.

Here a fight scene takes place between three prisoners who escaped from the jail and stole the stuff from Lyla’s mother’s Antique shop. Sasuke used his strongest eye ability Rinnegan to teleport himself in front of prisoners.

When one of the prisoners takes the hostage he uses his Sharingan which puts that prisoner under genjutsu. At the same time, local officers arrest the prisoners. One of the prisoners mentioned that they were about to take to Tadar Observatory.

3. Who are Lyla and Kail

Kail and her daughter Lyla are not minor supporting main characters I guess they are going to play major roles in upcoming chapters. After being saved by Sasuke, Kail tells him according to The Book of Yoru the Sage Of Six Paths used to live in the Tatar Observatory a long time ago.

She doesn’t explain more about the incident because the book has lots of missing pages and she doesn’t remember other than the thing that once Sage of six paths spent time in Tatar Observatory.

Apart from that Kail has the ring that she cares about the most, we don’t know who gave her this ring so we can assume that there is a backstory and connection between Sage Of Six Paths and Kail. I may be wrong it is just my assumption.

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4. Mystery Of tadar Observatory

Now we are seeing Sasuke in Tadar Observatory. This is basically a pension where criminals were locked out. The whole place was managed by Director Zansul who looks kind of a tough opponent.

When Sasuke engaged in fighting with other prisoners, Zansul keeps a close eye on him. He even defends him when Sasuke is about to be put under isolation. At the same time, he also warns Sasuke that he is not free to do as he pleases.

Zansul’s creepy smile tells so much about this observatory. I am very curious to see the fight between Sasuke and Director Zansul.

After that incident, a prisoner asks for Sasuke’s assistance in order to escape from the prison. He himself also knows how to use a little bit of chakra and he knows with Sasuke’s power it is a piece of cake to escape from the Tadar Observatory. But Sasuke refuses.

The next morning we find the prisoner killed by a Beast name Meno, while he was escaping at night.

5. Sasuke Is Not Alone


Yes, you heard correctly. Sasuke is not alone in this mission. Kakashi, Sakura, and Sarada are also on this mission to save naruto. In the upcoming chapters, we might see Sasuke team up with his family and his sensei Kakashi.

Final Thought

After reading the first chapter I can see that this is what we are accepting from respective manga creators. I am happy to be the witness to another masterpiece like naruto. Chapter 1 left us with lots of unanswered questions and mysteries. Sasuke has to deal with this situation and also keep an eye on his surroundings.

So here we are wrapping up things hope you will find this post helpful if yes then share this with your friends.

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