Scala Programming Tutorials 2023

Scala is a multi-paradigm (supports different programming styles and is dynamic in nature.) programming language. Scala is object-oriented, and also supports functional programming approaches.

Scala was created in the year of 2003 by Martin Odersky. This tutorial is all about Scala programming language also known as Scalable Language. This tutorial will provide you the complete knowledge of one of the highest programming languages “Scala” from scratch.

scala basic program for beginners
  1. Scala Program To Print “Hello World”
  2. Scala Program To Create The Mutable Variable
  3. Scala Program To Create Different Types Of Variable
  4. Scala Program to Print the Hexadecimal & Octal value of the number
  5. Scala Program to read and print the value of the Data Types
  6. Scala program to find the largest number between two numbers
  7. Scala program to find the largest number among three numbers
  8. Scala program to check whether a given number is EVEN or ODD
  9. Scala program to swap two numbers (3 ways)
  10. Scala program to calculate the power of any number
  11. Scala program to find the square root of a number
  12. Scala program to multiply two numbers using the plus (+) operator
  13. Scala program to demonstrate the bitwise operators
  14. Scala program to demonstrate 1’s complement (~) Operator 2023