Spy X Family Season 2 Release Date [Update 2022]

Spy X Family Season 2 has not been officially announced, so as usual there is no release date for the 2nd season of this Childcare anime series. But the predicament is, will there be a Spy X Family Season 2 or not? Let’s find out now.

In this post, I am going to talk about all the details that give us a concrete indication of the release of 2nd season. Without further delay wait let’s jump into this sea.

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  2. Spy X Family Season 2 Release Date
  3. Spy X Family Characters
  4. Popularity Of Spy X Family
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  6. FAQ
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Spy X Family Anime

Spy X Family anime series is a Japanese anime series. This anime series is the adaptation of the Manga “Spy X Family” illustrated and written by Tatsuya Endo. This anime series is based on action and comedy.

Spy X Family anime series is animated by Wit Studio and CloverWorks. This anime series is produced by TV Tokyo, Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions, TOHO animation, and Shueisha.

The anime follows the story of a spy code-named “Twilight”, sent on the most difficult mission by “Westlis Intelligence Services’ Eastern-Focused Division”. The name of this mission is “Operation Strix”.

This mission forces Twilight to arrange for a fake wife and child, which means she has to pretend to be a happy family. This is the only way to complete this mission.

This anime is going to be because the peace of the world is in the hand of twilight and his fake family. Apart from that, this anime is full of surprises. It is worth watching in 2022 because, it is top airing anime in MyAnimeList.

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Spy X Family Season 2 Release Date

Spy X Family Season 2

For those who don’t know, let me tell you this anime series is ongoing. It starts airing on Apr 9, 2022. Spy X Family Season 1 is on going and there will be only 12 episodes. Production already announced that this anime is going to release in two-part. The first part is ongoing and the second part will start airing after the completion of the first part.

Spy X Family Characters

This anime has 3 main characters.

Loid Forger: Loid is our main protagonist of this anime series, he is the spy working for Westalis WISE (an intelligence company) with the code name “Twilight”. The anime story is set on a mission where he has to married woman and adopts a child. that way he can complete the mission and get closer to his target.

Those who watched the first episode already noticed that he is a cold and very moody person. He can do anything in order to complete his mission. It is not that he is always cold, In the manga, there is an incident where he save Anya Forger by risking her life and identity.

Yor Forger: She is also the main character of this anime series. At Berlint City Hall, she works as a clerk. Yor also has a secret life with the code name “Thorn Princess”, she works as an assassin. She married Loid Forger (Twilight) and become the mother of a adopted child name Anya Forger.

At first, she is represented as a soft-hearted person, who ignores having a conversation with her coworkers. But after making a family with Loid and Anya. She becomes more carrying and emotionally attached to them only just to show that she is really an ideal wife.

Anya Forger: She is the third and last main protagnist in this anime series. Her name is Anya Forger who is also known as the name of Test Subject “007”. As we observes while watching anime that she is a telepath.

She can read mind of others. She gained the ability from an experiment performed by an unknown mysterious organization. Loid adopted her as a daughter for his mission. Without knowing the fact that she is a telepath.

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Popularity Of Spy X Family

According to the Google Trends, This anime is really gonna blow in the summer of 2022. Which is quiet true when you see the MAL Top Airing Anime List. It is the most likeable anime of summer 2022.

spy x family trends

Spy X Family Staff

Name Work As
Fukushima, Yuuichi Producer
Furuhashi, Kazuhiro Director
Nakatake, Tetsuya Producer
Hata, Shouji Sound Director


How many episode does Spy X family have?

Including Spy X Family Part 1 and Part 2 (not released yet) we will going to have 25 episode.

Where can I watch spy family?

Now this anime is available on Crunchyroll, Netflix but not available on Funimation and there is no official date declared that clarify when will Spy X Family available on Funimation.

Final Words

Many fans would be surprised if Spy X Family Season 2 was announced in 2022 and I will be one of them. Those who haven’t start watching this anime i would recommend you to watch it now. The animation and the style of presenting this anime is very different from the other anime.

As we collect more information about Spy X Family Season 2, we will update it on our blog till then stay with us and enjoy our more content about anime.

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