9 Strongest Solo Leveling Monarchs [Ranked By Strength]

Some of you might already finished its webtoons and eagerly waiting for its anime adaptation. Trust me I am one of them. In this post, we are going to briefly talk about the strongest solo-leveling monarchs.

Those who do not familiar with the term monarchs, let me explain first. In solo leveling, The Monarchs are the race of ancient monsters who kills humans. They play the role of antagonists in solo-leveling anime.

We have countless villains in solo leveling but in this post, we are only focusing on the strongest and power Solo Leveling Villains.

Strongest Solo Leveling Monarchs

Who are the 9 Monarchs in Solo Leveling?

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Let’s answer this question shall we

Without further delay, let’s jump into this topic and find out who is the strongest villain in solo leveling.

9. Yogumunt (king of Demonic Spectres)

Strongest Solo Leveling Monarchs Yogumunt

Yogumunt is the emperor of Demonic Spectres and Monarch of metamorphosis and spiritual change. He is one of the greatest sorcerers. Yogmunt possesses powers like immense strength and spiritual body manifestation.

He makes his first appearance in the novel in chapter 237 and webtoon in chapter 111. Yogumunt looks like an old man with grey hair. He is a prideful person but smart at the same time.

Yogumunt is smart enough to know that he does not have any chance against the new shadow monarch without the support of Antares.

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8. Querehsha (Queen Of Insects)

Strongest Solo Leveling Monarchs Querehsha

Querehsha is the queen of insects and monarch of disease that affects humans and animals. She is a beautiful young lady with red eyes and a perfect body shape. Querehsha is a bloodthirsty monarch who can kill anybody without hesitation.

She doesn’t skip any opportunity to slaughter his prey. Querehsha kept a motherly feeling for her minions either. She makes his first appearance in the novel in chapter 215 and webtoon in chapter 140.

Apart from that, she possesses superhuman physical strength and can control any dead using her parasite. Queresha also transforms into an insect monster. Regeneration is her one ability that gives her a clear-cut advantage in the fight.

7. Legia (King Of Giant)

Strongest Solo Leveling Monarchs Legia

Legia is the emperor of Giant and Monarch of the beginning. He is a muscular man with a huge body. Legia possesses a strange sense of humor and he is very cunning in nature.

He has an ability “Truth Inducement” through which he can cast a spell upon someone that person will never lie to him. Like other Monarchs, he also has the ability of “Spiritual Body Manifestation” and physical strength.

His first appearance was made in Novel Chapter 174 and in Webtoon chapter 137.

6. Iron Body Monarch (King of Monstrous Humanoids)

Iron Body Monarch (King of Monstrous Humanoids)

He is a handsome young man who called himself the emperor of Monstrous Humanoids. This guy is filled with pride and overconfidence. He is one of those who thinks that mankind is trash and disdains humans.

Iron Body Monarch possesses the power of telepathy throw which he can communicate with fellow Monarchs. Apart from that, he has unstoppable physical strength and Body Manifestation power that allows him to transform.

He made his first appearance in Novel chapter 182 and Webtoon chapter 140.

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5. Frost Monarch (King of Snow Folk)

Frost Monarch (King of Snow Folk)

He is the ruler of snow folk who can control the ice magic and can create ice monsters and weapons. His snap can put normal people in deep sleep. Apart from that, he possesses great speed and super strength like other Monarchs.

He is old in appearance and his skin is also light blue in color. Frost Monarch’s looks suit him well as he called himself the king of snow folk. We have seen his first appearance in Novel chapter 200 and Webtoon chapter 107. He is the 5th most powerful Solo Leveling Monarch.

4. Beast Monarch (King of Beasts)

Beast Monarch (King of Beasts)

He is the ruler of beasts and the greatest hunter in the world of Solo Leveling. His appearance is more like looks like a hunter. Beast Monarch is very selfish and arrogant in nature.

He is far stronger than Yogumunt and Iron Body Monarch. His abilities include super strength, speed, and durability. Beast Monarch has the power of regeneration that allows him to regenerate any body part within a second.

He can control heavy objects of his own desire by using Telekinesis. Beast Monarch first appeared in Novel chapter 213 and Webtoon chapter 107.

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3. Baran (Kings Of Demons)

Baran (Kings Of Demons)

He is a Demon King and monster of white flames. Baran made his first appearance in Novel chapter 107 and Webtoon chapter 85. He has a demonic body with grey skin.

As a demon king, he can summon his demon army (Hell’s Army) through portals. In Return to Demon Castle Arc, it was the copy of Baran made by the Architect with whom Sung Jinwoo fought.

He also possess psysical strength and spritual body manifestation power.

2. Ashborn (King of the Dead)

Ashborn (King of the Dead)

He is the king of dead and the monster of shadows. Ashborn is the most powerful emperor of Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light. His appearance is like a dark shadow wearing black armor and carrying sword.

He made his first appearance in Novel chapter 217 and Webtoon chapter 128. As one of the extremely powerful emperors, he grants his power to a human vessel and he was also able to control and move heavy objects.

Ashbor also possess abilities like shadow extraction, shadow exchange and shadow preservation. He is the 2nd most strongest Solo Leveling Monarchs.

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1. Antares (King of Dragons)

Antares (King of Dragons)

Antares is the ruler of the dragons and the monster of destruction. He is the main antagonist of the Solo Leveling and the most powerful Solo Leveling Monarch. In appearance, he looks like a middle age man with red hair and a beard.

His power is superior to the Asborn. He possesses great abilities, it is nearly impossible to harm him physically. Like dragons, he can spit fire from his mouth.

Apart from that, he possesses extremely immense strength, speed, spiritual body manifestation, and dragon’s fear ability.


Who is the strongest Monarch in Solo Leveling?

In the beginning, Sung Jin-woo was the protagonist of Solo Leveling. But at the end of mange, he becomes the strongest Monarch and Hunter who commands millions of soldiers.

Who are rulers in Solo Leveling?

They are like spiritual creatures who are not allowed to enter the human world until they find out the human vessels for them.

So guys here we are going to end our list on 9 Strongest Solo Leveling Monarchs. If you have any recommendation regarding this list then let me know by commenting below.

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