To Love-Ru Watch Order Guide Update 2022

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Anime Like Battle Game In 5 Seconds

What is the correct order to watch the To Love-Ru series? This anime has 4 seasons including special episodes and OVA. This post is all about the To Love-Ru series Watch Order.

To love ru also known as To Love You, ToLoveRu, ToLoveRu Trouble, To-Rabu-Ru, ToRaBuRu. The main genre of this anime is sci-fi, harem, comedy, romance, ecchi, school, and shounen. Created by Xebec Studio and produced by Geneon Universal Entertainment, TBS, Shueisha.

How many seasons are in To Love-Ru?

To Love-Ru anime has only 4 seasons. Season 1 has 26 episodes, season 2 has 12 episodes, season 3 has 12 episodes and the last season also have 12 episodes. More details are given in the table below. Below you can find more details about its episode and movies.

Name Episodes
To Love Ru (2008) 26 + 6 OVAs
Motto To Love Ru (2010) 12
To Love Ru Darkness (2012) 12 + 6 OVAs
To Love Ru Darkness 2nd (2015) 14 + 4 OVAs

To Love-Ru Watch Order

In what order do I watch To Love-Ru? This list includes series, special episodes, and OVA. This is correct To Love-Ru Watch Order-


  • Episode: 26
  • Aired: 4 Apr to 26 Sep 2008


  • Episode: 6
  • Aired: 3 Apr 2009 to 2 Apr 2010

Motto To LOVE Ru

  • Episode: 12
  • Aired: 6 Oct to 22 Dec 2010

To LOVE-Ru Darkness (OVA)

  • Episode: 6
  • Aired: 17 Aug 2012 to 3 Apr 2015

To LOVE Ru Darkness

  • Episode: 12
  • Aired: 6 Oct to 29 Dec 2012

To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd

  • Episode: 14
  • Aired: 7 Jul to 29 Oct 2015

To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd OVA

  • Episode: 4
  • Aired: 4 Jan to 2 Dec 2016

Is To Love Ru Worth Watching?

To Love Ru is Harem-Ecchi anime, if you like the Harem genre then this anime will definitely become one of your favorite anime of all time. This anime has an Uncensored version of scenes that contains Mild nudity. I prefer you watch that if you are a Harem guy.

It is the correct watch order of the To Love-Ru series. Before start watching this series make sure to follow the watch order. Hope we answered your question on “What Order Do I Watch To Love-Ru?”.

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