Tokyo Ghoul Watch Order Guide 2023

In what order do you need to watch Tokyo ghoul anime? what is the chronological order of Tokyo ghoul? How to watch Tokyo ghoul in order? In this post, we are going to cover the Tokyo Ghoul Watch Order Guide.

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How many seasons does Tokyo Ghoul have?

There is a total of 3 seasons. 1st and 2nd seasons are having 12-12 episodes. The 3rd season is divided into two parts, Tokyo Ghoul: re Part 1 and Tokyo Ghoul: re Part 2 both these series are having 12-12 episodes. Apart from that, we have two OVA episodes. So total there are 50 episodes to watch.

Tokyo Ghoul Watch Order

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1

Tokyo Ghoul Watch Order: Tokyo Ghoul Season 1

Season 1 covers the story of Keneki who transformed into a half-ghoul. He is facing the struggle to maintain his human nature. The war is about to begin between the ghoul society and a special government agent whose ultimate goal is to eliminate the ghoul from human society.

Tokyo Ghoul √A

Tokyo Ghoul Watch Order: Tokyo Ghoul √A

After facing the long-term fight with himself, Keneki accepts his ghoul side. He join the militant organization named Aogiri Tree. Keneki main goal behind joining was to keep saving the members of Anteiku coffee shop, who once supported him and accept him as a half-ghoul and half-human.

Tokyo Ghoul “Jack”

Tokyo Ghoul Jack

This is an OVA episode, that follows the story of the Shinigami of CCG named Kishou Arima and 7th ward investigator officer Taishi Fura.

Tokyo Ghoul “Pinto”

Tokyo Ghoul Pinto

This is another OVA episode, that tells the story of Shuu Tsukiyama, a human-eating ghoul. A high school student Chie Hori captured a clear image of Shuu eating his prey. Chie threatens Shuu that she will expose his true nature to society. Later these conflicts come out to be the friendship between both of them.

Tokyo Ghoul: re

Tokyo Ghoul: re

CCG becomes the main threat to ghouls and Aogiri Tree. A Group of humans that undergo surgery to get powerful abilities like Ghouls called Quinx Squad also helps CCG eliminate ghouls. Quinx Squad is led by Haise Sasaki, who trained under the special class investigation officer Kishou Arima. Haise Sasaki has his own past and connections with Keneki.

Tokyo Ghoul: re 2nd Season

Tokyo Ghoul re 2nd Season

Tsukiyama Family eliminated by CCG. From that incident, the power of CCG increases tremendously. The leader Haise Sasaki left Quinx Squad and joined CCG. Haise engaged more in exterminating the ghouls from human society. The memories of Keneki also start to come back to Haise.

Should I watch Tokyo Ghoul: re first?

Some of you might misunderstand the name “Tokyo Ghoul: Re Part 1”, it is not the first season. You have to watch Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 and Tokyo Ghoul Root A before jumping into the Tokyo Ghoul: re. Tokyo Ghoul Seasons 1,2 and 3 both are connected.

Tokyo Ghoul Plot

It is a Dark Fantasy anime series animated by Pierrot Studios. This anime follows the story of an 18 years old guy name Keneki Ken who lives in Tokyo where human-eating entities lives also referred to as “Ghoul” starts to appear.

These Ghouls are very similar to humans likewise but possess great ability and power. Keneki is attracted by a woman named Rize Kamishiro, a ghoul. He did not know that Riza is a Ghoul. She approach keneki and asked him for a date because they both shared common hobbies.

After spending the whole day, as the sun sets, the true intention of Riz came in front of keneki. After that sinister incident, he opens his eyes to the hospital bed. His life was saved by transplanting the organ Riz into his body. Following that day, keneki transformed into half human and half ghoul.

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