How to Unlock Luxury DLC Bikes In GTA 4?

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Hey Buddy, welcome to our blog. In this article, I show you how you can Unlock DLC Bikes In GTA 4. I know many of you are eagerly waiting for this. Let’s start this topic.

What Does DLC Means In GTA?

The full form of DLC in GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is Downloadable Content. You can say this is extra or additional content for the video games after their release. Many GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series games have DLC’s.

DLC Vehicles first appeared in the Episode of The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned. Not officially appeared in GTA IV.

Let’s check out some of the best DLC’s Series of GTA games:

Here I talk about two DLC’s. Let’s jump to the point without any further delay.

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) Online

This game has many free packages of additional or extra content that we call Downloadable Content or DLC’s. They introduced many new features like weapons, vehicles, game modes, etc.






GTA Episodes From Liberty City

 The Background of this game is similar to GTA IV. For those who don’t know, this game available separately. This episode included the Episode: The Ballad of Gay Tony and the Episode: The Lost and Damned. Liberty City Episode has its own story. I don’t want to forget to mention its extra missions, characters, and weapons. Liberty City Episode’s story somewhat follows GTA IV.







Lets Unlock DLC Bikes In GTA 4 and 5

From here, I’m going to tell you how you can unlock your DLC Bikes in GTA.

Step 1: Download zip from GTA Gaming

Click the given link, you will reach a website called GTA gaming. On your left-hand side, you can find a Download Link with the size of 5MB Only. Just hit that link and download it.

Step 2: Unzip your Zip file

zip file

Your downloaded file will be in ZIP. You have to Unzip it.

Step 3: After Unzip

open Mod folder

Open and go to the MOD Folder. Now you can see files name with dsound.dll, scripthook.dll, TLADBikeMod.ini, TLADBikeMod.asi, and two more folders with the name of PC and Commands.

Step 4: Paste

GTA IV Dir Folder

Paste all of these to your GTA IV Dir Folder.

Are you ready to ride your new bike?

How to use the menu?

First, you need to press F12 a pop-up menu will appear on the screen. Use numbers 2,8,5 to get your control. Press 2 for going up, for 8 to down, and 5 for select. It is a bit confusing.


  1. What is the full form of DLC?

    As I mentioned, the full form of DLC is Downloadable Content.

  2. How to install any mod?

    To install the mod, all you need is to download the mod file and copy/paste them to your game Dir folder.

Last Words

Hope you have your DLC Bike. If you face any problem in this process or it shows any error just let me know in the comment section. I am always here for you. Hope you like our article don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

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