What are negative keywords?

Negative Keywords: – Running a Successful Ad Campaign in Google Ads is often confusing and compliant. We have to look after our running ad campaign from time to time, whether our keywords are giving better ROI (Return On Investment) or not. When we do not get good ‘ROI’ the only option is left to optimize our Ad campaign by adding negative Keywords.

It does not matter whether you are using it for the first time or not. It is easy to use. Through negative keywords, you can define Phrases in Google Ads on which Phrases you do not want to show your Ads. With this, you can save your money.

What are negative keywords?

Negative Keywords is good practice for making your ad campaign a successful one, by which you tell Google that on which Phrases you don’t want to show your ads. This is a simple process.

Suppose you have a Digital Marketing Agency, and you have used the keyword Digital Marketing. Google will automatically show your ads on all keywords that complete the Phrases of your Digital Marketing Keywords such as Free Digital Marketing Course, What Is Digital Marketing and Learn Digital Marketing etc.

But you are providing service to people and not telling them about what is Digital Marketing Course or Digital Marketing, so if someone goes to these results and clicks on your ads, then it will not benefit you, so Negative Keywords are used so that we can block Phrases on which Phrase we do not want our ads.

How are negative keywords different from other keywords?

Negative keywords save your money from getting wasted by blocking Irrelevant keywords in your Ad campaign. The use of only one keyword cannot change your Ad campaign. When you create Extension lists, you can see your Normal keywords. Keywords that generate more Clicks in less money and can also view keywords with a high conversion rate.

Negative keywords not only save your money but also increases the success rate of your Ad Campaign. With this, you can reach your Targeted Audience very easily with your Ad Campaign.

How to Improve ROI?

Now you have come to know that how important negative keywords are for your Google Ads Campaign. It also has a contribution to PPC Advertising. But negative keywords do not protect you from Fraud Clicks. It is also a big problem that every Paid Search Marketer has to face.

If you want to improve your ROI, then use Fraud Click Protection along with negative keywords. With this, you can save several thousand dollars from being wasted.

How to find negative keywords?

If you want to find negative keywords, then let your Ad Campaign run for 1-2 days, then analyze the keywords which generated Clicks. Select only those keywords that fulfill your Ad campaign motive, the keyword with no use but still generated clicks should be added to the Negative keywords list.

As your campaign running, you will have to repeat these processes. If your Ad Campaign is running on Google Ads then you need to pay attention to Negative Keywords.

Last word

Negative keywords have a game-changing role in PPC Advertising which we never Neglect. If you are new to PPC and do not include it in your Google Ads then do it now. I hope you liked this post of mine. If you have any questions related to PPC, then please tell us by commenting.

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